Monday, December 18, 2006

Forest Ninjas

My saturday started out like most saturdays,

" Dad wake up. dad, dad . dad."
"Honey can you get up with her?"

"ok M, I'm coming, go play with your cat for an hour and I'll be right there"

And then it clicks, I bounce out of bed and into my snow gear while jamming at the coffee pot buttons. Rice crispies splatter the floor as I 'cook' breakfast for the little gaffer, cringing as I feel the creepy pops under my feet. My mind is focusing although the world wouldn't know it, seeing only the whirlwind of activity that the rising sun demands.

Today. is Forest Ninja day.

The only day of the year I get to dress up and hunt the forest, tracking sap and wielding a bright orange Axe, wreaking havoc as I slyly pounce through the underbrush. Tree's tremble at my peircing eyes, my sturdy hand and righteous justice. Tales of the mighty forest Ninjas fly on the wind from branch to branch, conjuring up images of angry bundles of firepower slashing baby tree's without conscience.

As my faithful brethren arrive high up on proud steeds I say my farewells, to Maiden and princess alike, not knowing if this will be the last time our eyes will meet....

Sniff, Dodge, Flinch.

Sniff, Dodge, Flinch.

We see the sentry tree's posted high atop steep rock faces as we scale in a catlike fashion up the slippery shale. Fear is the furthest thing from our minds as we climb past discarded deer hooves and the remains of recent battles in the snow push us on.

Atttackkk!!! We spread out in formation around the might Oak Beast and selectivly swing and dodge as its mighty branches sweep out to decimate the little ninjais.

As the sun sets over the Skeena River, falling behind a majestic backdrop of whitcapped mountain peaks, we regale each other with mighty tales of Ole. Storing Todays mighty feats for next year, when our tale will be taller than the cliff we sit on.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006

George is at it again.


Tamara's uncle came by last night, shortly after the wind had settled down, finished with its snow dune making and driveway filling fury. He came by with a snowblower. I've never actually used one before last night, still haven''t to tell you the truth. He was nice enough to completely clear the entire driveway for me in 10 minutes, probably would have taken me months! ( anyone who has been to my house in the winter can attest to that!)

My teacher in 6th grade taught me not to use the word 'nice' when describing things in writing. What if something is nice? Am I supposed to conform and change my scribed vocabulary decisions to socially acceptable terminologies? It's a point I've pondered more times than not, and those quick at math will notice that is a lot of time (ray). Which brings me to my point! Who wrote the script for that subway commercial? oooo! This sandwich is GOooood. Oh.. its not nice. my bad. heh... Well good was like one of those.. 'unwriteable' words as well, the words that would get you an a- or god forbid, a b+. ( can you imagine carmen?)

The other thing I'm unsettled about today is the neglect we can find in the bed industry. I've expected the bed industry to pump a little more money, time and effort into advancing the technologies available to us. Options now, are pretty much, Foam, water or feathers.
We spend many years in our beds, almost as much time as I spend on pondering whether or not to write with nice, and still no significant jumps in bed technology.
I am looking for some sort of cocoon style rem server that biologically ( or perhaps just electronically) repairs/improves our bodies while we sleep. Why is that too much to ask for? We know of certain things that will help our skin/circulation or other parts of the body. We also know how to make nifty containers for pretty much anything. Why haven't we put the two together? All I can say to the Industry Leaders in Bed making is... Nice. Nice guys. Way to go and let us all down.

Peece Owt.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I lean with my back against the wall. Today was supposed to be easy, just a quick check in at the office, enjoy a coffee and then head to the indoor golf range.
doesn't look like I'll be working the irons today though' I mutter under my breath as I pick my head off the concrete wall and move towards the cafeteria.
I scan each area of the hospital quickly and am back to the main entrance in under 10 minutes, my futile search ending where I started out. Uneasy doesn't begin to describe the feeling as my eyes drift, as if in slow motion, to the front door where shiny chains are strung through the handles effectively trapping me in. My heart starts to pound as I quietly head back down the hallway, checking for an unlocked door but only the windowless bathroom is open. I slip in and check the stalls to ensure I'm alone and once satisfied I sit on the counter and try to think.


In most retail/business buildings there is no solid ceiling, a false one is created so there is easy access to cabling, pipes and lighting. There is a crawl space large enough for me to fit! I jump up on the toilet and climb onto the top of the metal divider. Into the musty ceiling and through a tangle of wires I go and then softly settle the tile into place after me. The dim lighting makes it hard to navigate but raw determination to survive drives me on, my thoughts just earlier spread through my head and 7 layers out, now intensely focused in on one objective.
Get out Alive.


I can see Mr Morka through the thin slit I've created by slightly raising the edge of a ceiling tile. His balding head shaking as he spits Russian into the grime covered telephone, definitely convincing me he isn't all that happy with his day. As the conversation comes to an end he sits down and switches to English, talking in slow deliberate tones.
" Ven I ordered da hit I vas only sinking of da brosahood.'
My blood chills and I let the tile slap down causing Mr Morka to jerk his body around and yell something unintelligible into the phone. I hear crashing and movement and suddenly a large ice pick comes through the tile beside me, weakening the support system my body is perched on and I crash down to the floor losing consciousness.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unfinished basement

Doesn't take long around here to fill up with snow! Started last night some time and covered up everything.

Good thing we still have somewhere to drive that jeep!

Walking to work in this doesn't look very fun.. sounded better on paper when I decided not to reinsure my car for the winter.. just park it I said.. sure! I'll walk to work.. it'll be great! What was I thinking?

Dentist today.. first appointment in a long time.. I better not have to get that flouride stuff. I think you only get it when you are a kid but they might get confused when I start playing with the 10cent toys and make me take flouride before taking my rubber ball home... I'll let you all know how it goes.

Ok I know I've asked for hobbies before on here... but I'm really lookin for some good suggestions today ok? This is the situation. I dont like the gym. I would like something active to do with my time. I looked for Rec hockey leagues online but couldn't find anything.. not that I can play hockey particularly well. And swimming is out of the question.. you have to get wet all time. Yoga is for gay men.

Help me find my active activity.. or just any activity for that matter! My choices so far are online poker or video games on the xbox.

Martina says HI.


Monday, November 13, 2006

I am a kool dad

Early christmas!!

Got it put together... with a little help.

Super-cool princess!

I'm OUttta here!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Do this

There is a new virus out.

DO this so you dont get infected..

Tools- Options- Use Current.

Click ok.

Peece Owt

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr Morka

Tired hinges creak and echo through the workshop as I step inside Mr. Morka's lair. The Russian engineer is hard to understand but apparently knows his stuff, so we put up with the gutteral G's and the neverending V words ( vas is dees? My GGGrandma vould do dis verk betta!)
Just as I had suspected the shop is empty so I move quickly to where the keys are stored. An electrical panel with a false backing that unlocks by flipping the right sequence of breakers is all that stands in my way now. 62748902. The door opens and I pump the air like I just made a 42 foot putt for birdie. 'The old code still works' I laugh internally with a smile on my face.

"Vat de Hell are you doink?" A voice booms from behind me.
"Uh, Security check" I smoothly reply (stammer) to the short round man as I start to sweat.
Mr Morka narrows his eyes and then a like a light coming on he chortles: "Dat vladimir! E is a sneaky one eh! Alvays checkink on me!"
I join in the laughter and slam the panel shut and slap Mr Morka on the back. "You guessed it Mr M. you guessed it.." My hands are still shaking and I wonder why I don't just tell the truth.
"Do you know vere everyvone is today?"
"I was about to ask you the same question"
"Dere is only vone tink ve can do. Ve Must call in de professional!"
"I'm not sure we need your sharpshooter brother just yet, let's just try to find out whats going on ok?"

I leave Mr Morka and slip into the dimly lit hallway, determined to find out what is going on. The smell of bleach was overpowering when he had entered the room, and I suspect he may have something to do with why the hospital is so quiet today.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I turn off my car and get out as the dynomax performance exhaust settles and stops its delightful rumbling. I've had to park in the lower lot which has significantly diminished the awe of the surrounding mountain view, for now I have to walk up the never ending monastery like steps to get inside to the warmth of Mills Memorial Hospital.
The eerie silence greets me like a stranger entering a bar in a small town, granted, my entrance is without the stares and snickers one might encounter at Harry's ol Beer Barn but the lobby is normally alive with crying kids, moaning sick and dripping babies, especially when the parking lot is full like this. I pinch myself and feel nothing, but that's because I'm superhuman. Ok it hurt a little bit, and I keep moving past hemodialysis where 10 patients are normally seated, passing the time as the phlebotomy procedure toils on endlessly. But not today. The seats are empty, machines silent and no nursing staff in sight.
I start to feel uneasy, wondering what could possibly have happened to lull the building to sleep. As I turn the corner and pass by the elevators my shoe squeaks on the shiny waxed floor, indicating the night shift staff were busy as usual last night, scrubbing the thousands of square footage by hand ( the machines broke last fall and we're still fundraising to have them repaired.. darn government cutbacks).
No sounds come from behind the doors in OR, Recovery or staffing and I choose not to look, but continue through to admin where I spend most of my days training the nursing staff computer skills and shuffling through the never-ending layers of political emails and voicemails.
The doors are locked, normally wide open by now inviting staff to come and complain about the lack of staffing or surplus of patients. The only option now is to backtrack and visit engineering to get a key, although if the rest of the hospital is any indication, I'll be on my own once I get there.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My room has no windows

The Skeena valley chill whips through my bones as I step out of the door and into the cold harsh reality we call life. The frost is thick, clinging to every stone, branch and windshield causing me to wish we'd chosen a warmer city. The breathtaking view slowly warms me, my frosty eyelashes taking in the fresh snowy mountains and glistening tree's between them and I. At least there isn't any snow yet I think to myself as I start the car and back out cautiously onto the road. A gear slips as my car starts up the daily short steep climb and wonder why I don't drive the other way to work. The dull yellow light of the Tim Hortons sign answers that thought quickly as I pick up speed to ensure I don't get too far back in the drive-through lineup.
What are so many people doing up this early anyway? I pull into the parking lot and decide to skip the busy drive through today and settle for the ancient Hospital coffee machine mud.
I usually enjoy the drive to work, I get to catch a bit of news and perhaps get a catchy tune stuck in my head for the remainder of the day.. but today as I arrive I notice there are no parking spots open and the new Colin James song is forgotten. The lot is usually half empty and a full parking lot always means some sort of disaster has struck........


I've noticed a difference as of late. Responses monotonous, lack of significant activity in others lives, as well as my own. The winter 'blahs' have arrived. The time of year that sucks the very life out of us and drys up our minds, our bodies and our motivation. So I've decided to start a mini blog novel to give us all something to look forward too.. something closer than summer.
What you just read was a preview of great things to come.. or at least.. things to come.

Beyond writing I have been busy with other things;

Winter is starting to look a little better...


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dark all day

Today it was dark all day.. Didn't get much lighter at any point than PG look like at 4:30pm.. sort of dusky looking.. overcast with scattered showers.

Our office equipment is currently being installed into our new office! yay! No more working off the edge of a small round meeting table meant for coffee and small descisions, No more clutter causing papers and piles of assorted pens plastering the small space I've pee'd around. At last I shall have some organization and plenty of desk space to setup my little plastic toys that capture my attention when paperwork is slow.

Just got back from my trip to PG. Spent most of the time either at work or painting the old house. ( still hasen't sold yet!) It's good to be back and I don't think I'll be leaving again anytime soon as it was quite painfull not seeing my girls for a week!

I heard it was snowing in PG today..meheh.. mwahah. HAHAHAHAHAH.. (this is funny hey kim?) Yea.. as the famous phrase goes.. 'sucks to be you'

I feel my writing is rather boring today, lethargic and labourous it comes, slowly at first and then picks up speed, but the content is lacking.. lacking indeed. That is all for now then.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Snice weather hey?

Spent last week in an interesting team meeting, learned some and got to know my co-workers a bit better. The week was too busy though, not much rest and too many visits.. I'll be in town for the end of next week (alone most likely) and plan on not spending to many nights out!
The freakin bear got into our garbage again and we came home to it strewn across the vacant lot next door... Exciting huh?
Today is a slow motion day.. whack yo. Everything I do is sort of delayed and fuzzy.. maybe it has something to do with bailing on the merry go round yesterday! I was Just given'er running around pushing M on the thing and I decided to jump on for a ride.. The force of my slightly overweight belly gave the aparatus a mini turbo boost, which sent me sprawling head over heels into the next bar with 'great force'.. My arm is sluggish today, bruised at the elbow and whining for attention.. But.. T gave me Th3K1m Speech.. ' suck it up princess' And sucking it up I am. Honestly, its not bad compared to the slice along Tamara's forehead she got from standing up into the cupboard when putting groceries away! OOUch.!

Oh. I bought a HD starchoice reciever and they're hooking it up on friday.. just in time for the next canucks game! Wohoo!! I hope T decides to cook a turkey that day.. gosh thatd be nice.. :)
(hint... hint...)

On monday we headed out to my wonderful wife's aunty's house for turkey dinner. They had so much food it was funny! at least 6 pies, buns, carrots, peas, corn, brocolli, salad, turkey (with cranberry sauce), homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes ( with gravy) and the list goes on. Needless to say we stuffed ourselves fuller than the turkey was and waddled home. The only bad thing about not doing turkey dinner at your house??.... no leftovers.

The golf season is almost over, frost slowly choking the life out of the lushious green grass, cold wind washing over the greens, robbing them of any progress they have made over the summer. The driving ranges must still be open, the fake rubber grass does not feel the angry weather, it laughs at winter's feeble attempt to oppress the mighty golf ball cleaner upper machine thingy. But victory will be short-lived.. Air support has been called in, and when the tiny white warriors land, we will be all but finished. Finished until the sun rises again, healing the wounds and crushing the evil enemy, paving the way for golfers once again. Oh how I long for that day, that warm day in like,, april or may or whatever. It'sa gonna be sweet.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Gettin settled

So why not take a trip to pg?

Finally we've moved the majority of our things -well some of them anyway- to Terrace. We know our garbage day, met the mail lady and found the closest beer store.. so we're all set.

So next week we'll be in the peeg, main reason is for work, I get to hang with Big G and the crew at HSBC. But we plan on kickin it with the locals too! Really get in there and see the culture you know? It's really what travelling is all about.. experience the place.!! Pretty much filled up the week already but if you feel you have some authetic PG culture that we need to see just drop me a line!

Kool thing about a small town? You could get them to put just about anything on your ID card!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A bit different

As I settle into my new life, some notable things are starting to show through the clearing dust. I've been keeping mental tabs on them and thought I should write them down so you all can understand a little more what it is like here.

List O things that are whack yo.

1. The online paper is updated once a week max.

2. The internet companies have poor websites (no pricing or anything??) You'd think they would be 'cutting edge' but I had to email the cable/internet company for prices.

3. No information online about this freakin town. I have to actually look in the phone book to get information!

4. Roads randomly stop and start.
You'll be driving along and the road comes to an intersection where you can only turn left or right.. If you continue straight through for a block ( through houses and lawns) the road picks up again.. same name and everything! Wieeerd man.

5. People are nice.

So as you can imagine.. It's going to take some adjusting, some getting used to, but I think in the end it will all be worth it.

We are getting excited as there is only 3 more sleeps until we get our new house! Can't wait to wash walls, clean bathrooms and bleach every visible surface in the whole house! Yay! (isn't that neat how house! worked out to be exactly the same on three lines without house! trying? Ok.. so maybe i MADE it happen the 3rd time...

We've been playing with a virtual house painting program and are close to deciding what colors we want, it also lets you color the furniture in the room, the trim, pretty much anything you want.. So now we have to buy all new furniture, side tables, window coverings etc as we have created 'dream rooms' and must have them!
M is doing really good, started her ballet yesterday and came home skipping and 'airplane flying'. I will post pics to the other site linked here

Work is good, I'm getting organized and settled. Starting to slowly get into the nursing wards and infiltrate their IT barriers that are strategically placed and heavily fotified. Alas, i forsee a long battle here in the trenches.. send in the snackwiches so I don't go hungry.

Peece Owt

Monday, September 04, 2006

Up and Down and Up again

Referring to life in general at the moment, life has been up and down and back up again. Some subjects are just not easily approachable on a blog.. N0netheless, those who I care about know whats up! So its all good.

But back up again and movin on, the house has passed inspection and the bank has cleared the financing! We decided to sell the PG house, as we would need to remortgage for a downpayment on the new house and get some high interest rates in the process.
So, PG house is on the market, look for the mls listing (should be up tomorrow) if you are lookin to buy.

Not much else to report other than we are quite happy with the move so far and are glad to be exploring new things together as a family. Mostly been spending our time at the river, or lake.. or ocean.. :)

Only one response to the end of september invite so far! I'll send out a more formal invite (with dates and whatnot.. no that does not mean i will supply your date.. I'm referring to a 'calender date' .. sheesh) closer to the end of the month once we are a bit settled.

Peece owt.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Buyin a House

So the last week has been alot of driving.. The trip here was looong and we are dreading the return trip to pack up our stuff.. may end up hiring someone to do that (work will pay anyway!)

After days of driving around, with and without the realtor.. we found where we don't want to live!. We were having a hard time finding a nice enough neighboorhood to buy our second house in ( had to throw that in hehe), without spending more than we should..(bank said 200g but I don't want to eat spam and KD for 25 years)

2608 Kalum St

This house is quite nice! We fell in love once we saw it, from the brand new carpeted huge upstairs loft (don't have to duck at all) To the 2 bedrooms on the main floor, double french doors from the stylishly decorated living room into the newly laminated kitchen. The newer style bathroom, full laundry and built in dishwasher help to create desire in a home buyer.
The basement is only accessable from an outside door, stairs will have to be put in if we want to get at the basement from inside. It is all new looking concrete with rooms framed in and plumbing already run, easily allowing us to add 3 bedrooms to the house!.
The back deck covers from the back of the house, wrapping around the right side (looking from this angle) and catches sun all day long.

Grape vines and cherry trees surround the swing/slide play area in the backyard. Rock and woodchip landscaping, almost putting green lawn (k more like fairway but niice!) surround the house making a cozy private area with plenty of parking.
The offer was accepted a few hours after we sent it in, and by sept 15th we should be moving in, if the inspection goes well! We encourage ALL who are able to come plan a trip for the end of Sept to come have a look and party on the deck!

When we go to have the house inspected we'll take some of our own pictures and post them for your viewing pleasure!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Moving prep

My moving prep entry may be slightly different than my wife's... You see, she is busy packing away trinkets and dishes into well padded boxes, organizing toys and cleaning out the fridge.. I've been golfing :)

Now the Prince George branch of the Pine Valley golf courses isn't quite as fancy as this one, but you get the idea.

Last night was boys night, we went out for dinner, my father, brother and I,. We scarfed down some chinee and were on our way.
Golfing was a gruelling contest of skill and mental stability, and in the end I beat them both down. Not that it means I golfed good, rather bad in fact, they just golfed worse!
All in all it was good to get out and have some time together, brings back the woodshed memories... no not those kind.. the ones where you go and get wood, from the woodshed.

Work is contributing to my move, which will ease the strain and decrease the pain.. ( why do I insist on rhyming everthing? I should just get rich and show off my Bling.. ) So the plan is to check the area out.. have a look at whats what and who's who and why and where and all that jazz. Then come back in a month or so to get the rest of our belongings and move into the new place.
Good thing I've prepared so well for the move, should make the transition easier... :)

Peece Owt.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Q.Whats worse than having nothing to write about?

A. Not feeling like writing when you have something to write about!

But ok..

I was offered the job of NW Project Coordinator for the Nursing Technology Support Team.
Swiftly moving me about 10 steps up the corporate ladder. So needless to say really, I accepted! Before long I'll be packing up my little family and charging off towards the ocean in search of adventure, a little solitude and bit more money!

We aren't exactly sure when the big move is happening, within 2 weeks I suspect, as I already have some appointments setup in terrace on the 28th. I'll be sure to keep you updated as we go along discovering the little tidbits of information that will form the mosaik we call our 'new' life.

"How we live our days, is of course, how we live our lives"

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This morning the colors seem dull, sounds are muted as if I'm not really here, as if I'm watching a movie of my day. I could see my breath in the air, smell the rain and sense that something was missing.

At first I couldn't place it, the missing thing. Was it humpday? no.. we've made it past that. Is it mid summer blues? (is there such a thing?) I think so.. but no.. it's not that.. More a feeling of loss or when you miss a breath and catch yourself wondering why it happened.


And then it dawned on me. Th3K1m has left the city.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comforting colors

From the mouth of Mr J. Son Clark. regarding the new blog design.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Exciting news to be shouted from on high! My wonderful wife is with child! Just early on, into the 7th week or so and coming along nicely. Big sister is quite anxious to see the new baby and help with whatever she can!

Remember Honey; Madonna said: "I'm not interested in being Wonder Woman in the delivery room. Give me drugs"
I think I'll probably say the same thing!

Other things happening ...

Th3 K1m is leaving us. Not just leaving us for a short time.. a little trip or short journey, soon to return and regale us with mighty tales of her travels to the infinite abyss.. but she is moving.

Moving far away to where the night never sleeps.. the music never stops, away from the cozy comfort of this small, safe.. nightsleeping.. music stopping.. village. And now.. an Ode to the kim

Ode to Kim-o-thy

The kim, the kim arst thou really going?
Why now? When that car needs some towing!
On with your travels, from far to nigh!
Those closest to you, fell they might cry.

The kim The kim, don't be afraid!
We know you can conquer!
Your new life is now made.

From then to now, from old to new
Don't forget, which friends are true.
Whenever you're lonely or sad,
or just in need of a hug
Feel free to give my sleeve a tug.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bear Lake

For some reason I felt like writing today, I don't actaully have anything of importance to say... Perhaps we could chat about deep things that perplex even the greatest minds and come to some great conclusion like the number.. 42 or something. The ordinary would seem extraordinary! what a peculiar and quaint idea, rugged yet tame! Don't laugh now! I'm serious. If we actually sat there and thought for a while I'm sure we could accomplish something. Something to be proud of.. my mind just got bored with this line of writing.

Ah the summer is here, still haven't made it out to Bear lake, and T hasn't ever been there so it's a must this season. I like to stop at crooked river and toss the line in for a few bites and be on my way to soak up the yelling children and smokey, plastic bag burning firepits.. to feel the pine needles and sharp gravel sting my feet as I run for the frisbee, carving an erratic path through the scattered trees. The view of overpriced, cheap paddleboats that leak water in (which is why the lifejackets are manditory) sticks in my mind and the bathrooms smell like.. the bathrooms at Bear Lake, which are in fact, filled with mosquito eaters and daddy longlegs. Seems the strong odours attract certain creatures while keeping others away. (I havent seen any moose or deer in the bathroom.. must be the odour)
The lake is not large, big enough to have 2 beaches but in less than an hour one can paddle themselves across on a beach toy, which was always fun to do.. sun beating down on your back, the odd cloud bringing relief... Water, I remember we always forgot to bring a drink on the trek across the lake and upon reaching the far side, the dash was on to the closest water tap, boys wrestling and tripping.. the faster ones getting a quick taste before the rest crashed in.
Around the whole lake is a path, well worn and comfortable. We used to bike it when camping there for a few days, meeting other campers and scouting for friends. Various undergrowth and roots made for some great jumps and bumps.. which usually led to bruises and lumps!
Nonetheless we never tired of it, the endless, lazy days.. lacking all responsibilty and time. Our stomachs were our clock, dictating when we met for a meal or snack.
No worries, cares or other nasty words lived there, only fun, sun and other good words.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Putting out Forest Fires

This Canada Day weekend we packed up the car and headed to Grand Cache to see T's Parents and do a 'little' Golfing.

Perhaps thats the wrong term as we golfed for THREE days!! The Par 4 golf course had a few tricky Greens and some long drives and held our interest even in the hot hot weather.

T came out on sunday and handled herself quite nicely, playing the same Tees as the boys and putting her dad to shame on one long 200ish yard drive! We defenitaly appreciated the golf carts as the course is a total 3000 yards long!

M had a good weekend as well, having her face painted and stuffed with candy from each morning on! Mostly spending quailty time with Grandparents and Julian (the cat) if she could get close enough!

Time off the course was spent in good conversation on the back deck overlooking the 3000 villagers below and the beautiful surrounding mountains. All slightly covered in a translucent smokey haze, caused by the nearby forest fires.
The Nation's Birthday festivities ended in a long firework show that put PG's pathetic attempts to shame. Not bad for a town of 3000!
All in all, a good weekend other than the FREAKING speeding ticket.. 128 in a 100 zone.. I had been VERY careful all weekend as I didn't want another ticket. The first time I actually sped (and just to pass) a cop was right around the corner!
lesson learned? - Speed all the time. At least you'll get there faster.

changes afoot.. stay tuned.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Yay for Random concerts!

So last I end up at the Playhouse.


So why did I go to the playhouse on a thursday night at 8pm? A concert! 5 bands in 4 hours, the biggest name being.... da da daaahhh..

Tal Bachman.

Seriously! He's up there singing 'She's sooo hieeeiiieiigh, high above me" and I'm thinkin.. this is that Tal Bachman dude on the radio!! So sure it's not particularly my choice of tunes.. but still kool.

A band you should all check out (if you're a rock'n'roller) is

I bought their shirt.

Yea they rocked out pretty hard.. jumpin on the speakers and shredding in the aisles and all that.. good times.

Hey Bro, Hope Mehico is being good to you!

peace Owt


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Ok.. so Finally here are some pics.

Find a few albums at

We went to the Mayan Riviera - Barcelo Tropical. (insanely nice..)

Check em out!


Monday, May 29, 2006

Back at Work

So the wedding is over! The honeymoon was great.

In case you're wondering.. no.. I don't feel like writing, I just feel I should....

So anyway.. perhaps i'll write more later.

I go to Kansas City from June 10th-17th for work..

k bi.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

9 days

Seriously I posted that 10 days ago?


Just to get something off my chest now.. K1m. I still owe you the prize for HOWYFM.. since you won.. I havent forgotten.. it's just 4.. 5 months late.

Goooin to mehico!!

Booked our honeymoon vacation today so that ought to be fun, lazing in the sun.. blazing through the waves on personal... wave blazing machines... or something.
Hiking through ruins and swimming with turtles,
swimming with drinks and swimming with chinks.. no thats rude...

Um.. swimming with beer and swimming without fear!
There's no need to be frightened the whole place is lightened.
Sitting on chairs, sitting in pairs.
Staring at the moon, eating ice cream with a spoon..
Do you? Do you, Want to swim?
Should you? Would you, Just on a whim?

I would! I would! I would! I would!
Can I? May I, go swimming with beer, without fear
not really frightened cause the WHOLE place is lightened,
Could I? Could I, sit on the chairs? Oh please tell me I can sit in pairs!
I'd like to, I want to! Swim on on a whim!
Swimming! Swimming! Swim! Swim! Swim!!

wow that was random.

The wedding is coming and tensions are mounting,
Only Nine days, but who's really counting.

Ok I gotta stop.. seriously.


P owt.

Monday, April 24, 2006

19 days

The unforgiving masses have finally broken their silence. The pressing heat of flame-laced comments burn my fingers as I reply. too busy? nothing going on in my life? Not good enough. Not good enough they say.
So.. to extinguish the uncomfortable criticism's, I shall update... update my blog.


hey whats up?

Oh not much.. you?

Not much.. just chillin.. bein kool.. you?

Same.. man them canucks sucked it up eh?.....

Pretty much every conversation seems to start this way ( minus the canucks part) but seriously.. how many people are actually just chillin and being kool *or however they may choose to word the same message*

I am not just chillin and being kool. so there.

Lots is going on!


Plans are coming along quite well.. backup plans in case it rains are in the making.. food, music, photography are all coming together.

19 days.


Gently reminders daily seem to creep in unexpectedly causing a gradual realization of how soon the day will be upon us. Where are the clammy hands? the rabid thoughts? the strangling drowning feeling that is 'supposed' to accompany the last few weeks of engagement? The only feelings are.. Anticipation..Euphoria?...sore feet (learnin to dance!) and the excitement of what's to come!


I've been upgrading some things on my car lately.. Having lots of fun doing it.. Go ahead. point and laugh.. he's pimping out his neon.. hehe.. hehe... Well.. It's my neon! And it look sweet.. and as long as it goes better than it looks.. its allll good.

So there.


T has the summer off ( for the most part.) She is volunteering at the UV to do research and has the potential of getting her name published! But.. when not buried in paperwork, numbers and wierd hieroglyphics.. the plan is yard work! Big plans this year so we'll see what comes of them.


I'm well into my new job. It's going well and I'm learning new things most days.. Meetings.. workshops, phone calls and emails.. wohoo..

The child

What is there to say? hmm..


I don't want to.

But dad.


But of course.. as cute as ever and growin like a sprout!

Peece owt.

Friday, April 07, 2006


So it all happened.

Got the new job.. 2 raises. and started the road to a pimped out neon. Hey.. at least its MY pimped out neon.

So I have been transistioning into the new job here, official start date is monday when I'll be thrown head first to the mouse eating centipede pit (
Looks to be challenging and exciting, a new project with a new desk and all that jazz. I can now wander down the street to beloved Timmy's or stop by amigo's for a taco without organizing a field trip.

The wedding is coming fast.. if you havent rsvp'd and are coming.. please do so soon or you won't get any snacks. Ha.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So! HEU (my union) has reached a tentative agreement that must be voted on by all members.

big raise plus $3700-$4200 signing bonus.

I vote yes.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Radiant thoughts

A silent front, wind wistles in the sun bathed grass, soothing the tense nerves and steading breath. The heat of the mid-day soaks into bones and thickens eyelids, promising to never end. Time stands still, unyielding, unwilling to lend a hand. Deafening silence.

And then, movement! Adrenaline surging through the viens, sharpening vision and mind. Hold still! Stay hidden from probing eyes and menacing intentions.

The moment passes, relief dries up what strength is left, knees weak and brow sweaty.
How long?


So.. A new position came up that I interviewed for... perhaps there is.. dah dah daahhhh.. change in my immediate future!!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Settled.. .for now

So I've started my new job over at the hospital here, its quite the change from the humdrum world of phones...

Mostly I spend my time imaging pc's (installing windows) and installing them at client sites ( different desks in and around the hospital).. There is the odd software issue I attend to, although my primary role at the moment is to clean up all the old work orders.. oh wait.. I;m done them already :)
So for now I have time to quickly update my blog.. a luxury that cant be afforded to often here in the field. You gotta fight tooth and nail for a leg up here.. you can't turn your back or you might find your whole desk upside down.. literally.. and sticky notes all over it with smart-aleck remarks dispersed among the yellow blanket of squares... Ok but really its not all fun and games.. no more just hangin out at the desk sippin on gin and juice.. here its all about client interaction and actually moving your bottom... which is actually nice for a change!

So.. for now.. I'm settled.. but don't be surprised if something changes..
Thats what this is all about isnt it?


Thursday, January 19, 2006



Why do we all still live here?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So the Invitations are out.. mostly anyway.. still need to send out the paper ones to old people who dont have internet.
Don't feel bad if you weren't invited.. if you feel you should be but weren't drop us a line at and we'll consider it.. or apologize for forgetting about you!

The new word of the day is 'rident' (RYD-uhnt) adjective
Laughing; cheerful.

How fun is that? Super fun! thats right. super fun!

So I was gonna do a DoMeStIc DiSpUtEs section today but it seemed really lame.. lamer than most of my blog.. which really is quite an accomplishment if you think about it.. whats really funny is you are reading this and its lame! HAh! What are you doing? hit alt+f4! do it! Pff. You have no life. Read the news or something.. just look away.. doooo it...


hehe.. you are still reading.

Well.. what else to update on? I;m working on a family website with all sorts of pics and whatnot so that should be up soon... Well.. I;m as bored as you are so... peece owt.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

It has begun


Change is good!

I was just offered a change in job in fact. I start at the end of the month over at the hospital doing onsite support! (Ie.. fix computers, printers.. anything that powers on...) So this is good news!
Wedding invitations to go out in the next week or so, so you'll know if you are invited or not pretty quick here!

Bout all I got to say about that!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's not Unusual

Best New Year's eve ever.

Not that the others were horribly bad.. last year had an 'early new years' around 11pm before the 'party' was over (although it was really nice you hung out with me danielle!) and Years previous to that weren't particularly memorable... or else I would probably remember them. But this year I really had fun and I'm pretty sure most the people that came out had fun too!

Started with a nice little dinner party that started out tame...

But may have gotten a little out of control.....

But all in all it was quite a fun evening.

A pose just before hitting Fyre...

Fyre was actually pretty fun! I've been there a few times before and the atmosphere was dreary.. noone dancing.. knobbish DJ sitting up near the roof smoking.... But this night was different. They had the whole place decorated with an Arabian nights theme, the place was packed.. everyone dancing and having a good time! All our friends were there (well most of them.. no Binder) and there wasn't too much embarrasing behavior.. well except for Glen of course..but I believe the general concensus is we still love him.
At midnight, just before kissing m'lady I looked around at the 7-8 couples that were with us.. all kissing in New Year fashion and all obviously very much in love, quite the spectical indeed.

After fyre ( around 1:30am or so) we headed up to College Heights to a little house party there.. lasted about half an hour and got dropped off at home to end a memorable..enjoyable.. and perfectly satiable evening.