Saturday, August 26, 2006

Buyin a House

So the last week has been alot of driving.. The trip here was looong and we are dreading the return trip to pack up our stuff.. may end up hiring someone to do that (work will pay anyway!)

After days of driving around, with and without the realtor.. we found where we don't want to live!. We were having a hard time finding a nice enough neighboorhood to buy our second house in ( had to throw that in hehe), without spending more than we should..(bank said 200g but I don't want to eat spam and KD for 25 years)

2608 Kalum St

This house is quite nice! We fell in love once we saw it, from the brand new carpeted huge upstairs loft (don't have to duck at all) To the 2 bedrooms on the main floor, double french doors from the stylishly decorated living room into the newly laminated kitchen. The newer style bathroom, full laundry and built in dishwasher help to create desire in a home buyer.
The basement is only accessable from an outside door, stairs will have to be put in if we want to get at the basement from inside. It is all new looking concrete with rooms framed in and plumbing already run, easily allowing us to add 3 bedrooms to the house!.
The back deck covers from the back of the house, wrapping around the right side (looking from this angle) and catches sun all day long.

Grape vines and cherry trees surround the swing/slide play area in the backyard. Rock and woodchip landscaping, almost putting green lawn (k more like fairway but niice!) surround the house making a cozy private area with plenty of parking.
The offer was accepted a few hours after we sent it in, and by sept 15th we should be moving in, if the inspection goes well! We encourage ALL who are able to come plan a trip for the end of Sept to come have a look and party on the deck!

When we go to have the house inspected we'll take some of our own pictures and post them for your viewing pleasure!



K-Prime said...

You da man, cool guy! Alas, I will not be able to attend the shindig, but I shall be there in spirit, matching you shot for shot and laughing at you when you pass out before 11. :P

rayban68 said...

saweet we'll plan a stair building party... good times.

Now when I do inspections in terrace or rupert I won't have to do round trip from the peeg in one day!