Friday, September 30, 2005

You mean you weren't volunteering?

So I didn't get paid today.. and i was supposed too.. That changes my mood significantly.

P no likey the bouncy buncha payments.... To finish off my absolutly great morning I forgot the carseat in my car today.. which effectivly traps my girls at home! Dodgram crap I tell ya...

To soothe my mind I shall report to you my night out...

The thin space between the bushes provides me with a place to gather myself before continuing on. My heart beats steadily, adrenaline pumping through my viens sharpening my vision and strengthening my purpose.

2 houses down, thats the place, slowly now!

The tiny slit in the fabric allows me to methodically scan my surroundings, the street is quiet.. no movement. I crouch behind the sedan parked in the driveway in front of the garage and wait.. five.. then seven minutes. Time passes slowly and my legs start to cramp. When I'm confident I'm alone I slip down the side of the garage into the backyard and onto the deck. Quietly I unwrap the small towel from around my arm and cover the light bulb over my head, with a quick tap the yard darkens and I'm invisible again.
The basement door is slightly ajar, a small poker chip wedged into the hinge as planned. As I enter the basement I flash my penlight across the old furniture and expensive paintings and carefully, silently I pick my way to the west end, where it should be.

But its not.

My heartrate increases, I switch off my light, my breath seems to echo loudly in the room as my head starts to swim. Concentrate! I find a spot under the stairs to hide in the darkness an pull out my blackberry.
-Exhibit not present. Awaiting instructions-
I wait for a reply, the backlighting subsides after 30 seconds, I make a mental note to change that annoying setting. Strange thoughts cloud my mind as the cold seeps into my black cargo pants as I sit on the cement floor beneith the carpeted stairs. What went wrong? the Door was set, no other signs of someone anticipating my entry, waiting to catch me in the act.
-got east and west mixed up. sorry-
How proffesional.
I quickly crawl through the stairs underpass and across the far side of the room, until I reach the far wall, directly across from where I came in. Once I feel it in my hands I set down my backpack and carefull place the object into the custom-made case. Perfect fit. I'll deliver it tomorrow.

This sure beats answering phones.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Residual Income.

Tentacles of fear grip me. I cannot move, or breath. My throat restricts and eyes burn. I can feel the pressure inside my lungs, my stomach churns and I feel sick. It becomes more than I can take. Blackness overtakes me quickly, my world is spinning out of control, flashes of light explode behind my eyelids as sweat rolls down my cheeks.

So i burp..ahhh

Thats better.

As my world slowly returns, I kick the wall beside my bed. These nightmares are getting out of control. It was about 3 months ago when it all started happening.. mild at first, mainly gummybear attacks and pinpricks.. But as the nights go by they get more and more intense... well you read for yourself! Its affecting my beauty sleep now and I've gotta do something about it. There's really only one thing I can do.

The age old cure -all. The little bacteria will get into my body and fight the evil nightmaremakermen! I know. Its a drastic step, but I'm at my wits end! I've tried to holdout but my strength is fading and I can't hold up much longer......

Day fades to night, my stomach is full of various flavors of yogurt that I've been devouring all day. My plan will work, No longer will I awake in the middle of thie night, frozen in terror, horrific images of scotch tape and hole ridden socks vivid in my mind, I will not stand for it! I am a man! I deserve to have control over my rem cycles and when sleep is in order gosh darnit I'm gonna sleep!!!!

3am My stomach rumbles, I dash out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, almost not making it there before hiroshima explodes.. If its not nightmares its something else..

You just can't win.

Man I'm bored.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I asked 4 IT

So today I am the most senior guy in... I've been here a month.
One guy has been here a week..

One guy 2 DAYS.

so I guessed I asked for it when I said i was bored.. I'm sure I'll be on my toes now.!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Foghe dai

Its a foggy day.

It's after 12 and the fog is still lingering in the treetops, clinging onto branches, attempting to keep the air chilled just a little longer.
Standing outside the recycled elementary school, looking over a beautifully mowed soccer field, tended weekly by local low-risk inmates, I can see winter creeping through the trees. It slowly and methodicaly advances, turning deciduous trees red and gold for a moment in time.

As foggy as it is outside, My head is as clear as its been in a while.. no pressing financial issues, no catastrophic family issues left undealt with... House is finally coming together and my job is virtually stress-free.

My Job

I am enjoying my job, the easygoing atmosphere- everyone I work with is great and helps out without grumbling.. I am starting to miss the lack of responsibility though.. I've realized that as much as I didn't want to be at the 'ol FS I'm starting to crave the pressure and feeling of actually acomplishing something.. The money drowns my pain.
I've applied for a few positions that have come up.. they would require a lot more responsibilty and more work.. the $5/h raise would take away that pain.

The Child

Growing. Seems I dont get to spend as much time with her as I would like.. might just be because of the last weekend of work, and not hanging out with her that much.. but I think I'm going to make a point of spending more time with her.. she is after all.. my most favorite little person in the whole world!!

I'd like to stay longer and chat.. but unfortunatly I'm bored.. plus the fog has lifted.. since its now 2:30...


Monday, September 26, 2005

These are a few of my favorite things.

2days..22 working hours.. 2 smashed fingers.. 1 mangled shin.. 4 bruised kneecaps..

The price we've payed for a new laminate floor..

Chris and I spent the whole of saturay and sunday installing a new laminate floor into my home.. Gone are the days of smelly bug-infested carpets.. Well.. except for in the bedrooms.. eww..

Although a lot of hard work, it was kind of nice to spend a few days catching up with Chris and doin some real work at the same time.. I hadn't talked to chris for about 4 or 5 years so there was alot to catch up on. Did u catch that? Havent seen the guy for 4 or 5 years! And he spends 2 days laminating my floor!! What a guy.. what a guy. Funny.. didn't really have a lot of visitors over.. perhaps they knew they would have to help? mwaha.

Soooo the house is feeling quite new.. warm and inviting, clean and a little 'higher class' than 70's brown carpet and wallboard panelling that has plauged me for the last year and a half. Unique, almost oriental looking lamps create a calm mood, working with the hypnotizing whirr of the fishtank and a small collection of instruments, bringing a relaxing atmosphere to our home.
Although it wont be long before I'm forced to clean up the mess i've made.. a good 5-6 foot high pile of garbage.. covering half my deck. Refuse from a the long weekend is now is a constant reminder of the enormous amount of construction that took place..

Ok so maybe thats taking it a little far.. but I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a little pickup.. so I can do these small jobs without depending on other peoples vehicular mobiles and whatnot..
I guess all thats left is to finish painting the wall in the living room.. the long. menacing wall.. the one I freaking mudded 3 times and still looks like crap.. and hammering in that trim all the way around the house! Well.. painting.. a few times.. then putting it up!
Yup thats it.. then I'll be done..

Except for the kitchen.. and the bathroom.. and.. well the 3 rooms could use a little tlc... you know i still havent done much to the yard and the siding is starting to chip..

I think I'll be busy for a while..


Friday, September 23, 2005


We don't take well to backtalk.

Truth or Tradition.

I can feel the ancient chill of fall today, the fog still hasn't lifted and in the corner of my mind there's that eerie feeling that we're not alone here...
Kind of an odd thing to be thinking about first thing in the morning, but I was on time to work today.. so I dont think i was abducted by the 'others' .. Unless they can stop time or something.

Are there actually aliens, or do you chalk it all up to happenings on another plain? Spirits and creepy whatnots? There has to be something obviously.. so many unexplainable things happen in our lives. Losing time, UFO's (which i find kinda sketchy but i did dream of one the other night) People who have been 'abducted' etc.. What about people that are possesed or all whacky like on that show with the dude and he went around taking out demons.. went down to hell and stuff and got this chic back or whatever... help me out here K1M...

How do we know what to believe? Should we believe what we've been taught since childhood, 'knowing' it to be right because its all we've ever been taught? How does one decipher what is true and what is tradition? Especially when people from different backgrounds are equally sure that their way of life/beliefs is the ONLY way!

I've taken a step back to search out exactly that. What is truth and what is tradition. Or if there is really a difference. Of course we get caught up in life and these deep questions dont always seem so important at times.. But today it's seeming to matter.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Funny site..

Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someone's neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing.

He was a cowboy, mister, and he loved the land. He loved it so much he made a woman out of dirt and married her. But when he kissed her, she disintegrated. Later, at the funeral, when the preacher said, "Dust to dust," some people laughed, and the cowboy shot them. At his hanging, he told the others, "I'll be waiting for you in heaven--with a gun."

I scrambled to the top of the precipice where Nick was waiting. "That was fun," I said. "You bet it was," said Nick. "Let's climb higher." "No," I said. "I think we should be heading back now." "We have time," Nick insisted. I said we didn't, and Nick said we did. We argued back and forth like that for about 20 minutes, then finally decided to head back. I didn't say it was an interesting story.

Wrong you are

AAAAANd we're back! Checking in the the, crazy hat.. oh wait! Its not crazy hat day! It's apparently just HAT DAY!

right you are P, right you are.. What an upset, look at the competitors who showed up decked out in crazy garb! They are not happy. not happy AT all.!

Looks like GB showed up in a baseball cap this year, Oh. My. GOodnes.. This is really quite the turn of events here today!

Right you are P. RIght you are..

Looks like thats all the time we have for today! Be sure to tune in next time!

Crazy hat day

Welcome! and today is crazy hat day!

So far we have the ruggedly handsome P (inside joke) wearing a classy medieval, feather toting headpiece, that is sure to hold up against the strong competition here today.
right you are P, right you are.

What I'm looking forward to is GB, the crazy mexican guy, he's always got something up his sleeve, can't wait to see what he brings to the table....

Right you are, last year he was sporting the pride of sayulita, the senoritas sombrero that just tore the competition apart.

Right you are P.

We'll be right back after these messages.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I won.

I was like BAM HEADSHOT! BAM!!

Buncha Noobs


Ok so work has gotten boring so we;ve spiced it up alittle.

We all had our names in a basket and picked out of it.. the name you got is the person you must assasinate at a given time (this one.. after 2:15... so at that point you know who you need to shoot.. just not who you need to hide from..

Hmm.. I'll update you on the outcome



Have you all planned out your life?

What I mean is, have you set goals for 1, 5 or 10 years.. you know where you want to end up at various stages of your life? Cause i really don't seem to care.. I mean I care!.. but not to the point of actually trying to achieve a fabulous 'career' and own a big fancy yaht or whatever..

Is it setting your standards to low if you are happy with where you are at? Wierd hey? I guess I'd like to be financially stable, without debt.. go on wild extravagent vacations to quesnel (or australia) but somehow it seems unatainable, or kind of 'unrealisitic' to have that kind of an idealism for my life plan.

I've been thinking about environment alot lately, not THE environment, but MY environment. I think i would like a change! (WHAT?? ) yea.. I know I've had alot of change but I think I quite like it. So what does that mean>? move?

pff. naw.. I just got meself this sweet job so I think I'll stick with it. I do like to entertain the thought of moving by this time next year tho..

I guess thats my one year plan..


Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Thursday, September 15, 2005

Heart Stopper

So yesterday was busy.

I wake up to the smell of fumes from the PulpMill as do most PG residents, blindly stumbling out to the computer to call Home Depot to see if they have any of that 'cheap' laminate flooring in yet.. No Sir. Call back next week.. the guy seems about as happy as me to be up this early..

I understand that my Job is not hard.. not by a longshot.. In fact I've had some hard jobs.. shovelling cow poo.. scrubbing the red lifefluid off of cement floors at ye 'ol meat market.. But for some reason it FELT like it was hard.. The phone wouldn;t stop ringing.. I mean sure.. that IS my job.. to answer the phones.. but seriously! REBOOT THE FREAKING COMPUTER BEFORE YOU CALL~!. Please..

Ok so my life really doesn't have that much stress.. apparent when this kind of thing seems important..
Speaking of stress.. last night. psfff! almost filled my drawers..

So after the gym and a delicious dinner prepared by m'lady I headed up to a friends to help him lay some laminate flooring.. Of course stopping at the beer store on the way as to make the job a little less painful! My little wee gaffer was with me as the foremetioned little lady was haveing a 'makeup party' at the house.

As i pull up to the soon-to-be laminated house I chirp brightly to the child ' Ok love lets go' and turn around.

She isnt there.

Now if you dont have kids you havent felt this before.. Its probably impossible to explain but I'll try.. Imagine you have this family heirloom.. worth over 6584832.12211 million dollars.. and you leave it at the beer store.

My heart dropped, pulse racing as I tear the back seat apart, mind screaming at the possibilites of what could have happened.. did she somehow get out of the car? is she chillin with her hommies at the pub? or has something terrible happened? probably at least 6 things were in my head at once.
It hurt.

But only for a moment.. After a few moments of life-changing terror and stress it dawned on me where I had been less than 5 minutes later. I had dropped the child off at her cousins house to play while I was toiling away into the night.


Heart Stopper.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leafy Traditions

Its that time of year again.

Since the beginning of time (well the last 3 years anyway) A certain tradition has been followed by my friends and family. Cottonwood Park Pictures. At the first sign of leaves turning color, we pack up the wee ones and fill our cameras with film.

This year was definatly a blast! There were 7 or 8 kids there, as many parents and no accidents! I'll attach a few photos so you know what you missed. :)

< Our happy family!

Little Buggers

I do enjoy the annual walk through the park, seems this year went by so fast and I didn't have much time to visit people. In fact some of the people I hadn't really seen much at all since last picture day! I think I'll make an effort to touch base with people more, u know.. get out and do stuff instead of writing about it in a blog. :P

Ah cmon who am i kidding.. Once a year is enough to deal with that many kids!!

On a side note.. if yer not here then you're queer


Friday, September 09, 2005


For the unfortunate few who are unaware as to the meaning of those 2 letters.. please allow me to explain..

Theres wind, fire, water and earth.. and then there is OC.

Its the warm fuzzy feeling you get, the quickening in your being.. its the shivers that cover your body like when you shoot your nerf gun....

but better.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Today is a new day.

On the eve of the last day past I found myself standing in a funny sort of hall. A toy hall. Towering above me as far as a 2 year old could see was bears and books and balls and well.. guns! I couldn;t resist! I had to have one! Its like the small child in me took off, bouncing around inside my head saying ' get the quick-loader, the one with the clip!

Alas there wasn't anything I could do to stop the steamrolling train of events that ensued.

I grabbed the sweet gun with the auto-clip and rushed to the front counter, spilled my pennies onto the counter, gasping for air! I could hardly contain my childish excitement! Before I was out of the store I ripped the package apart and loaded my clip, immediately in a battle zone, AIR SUPPORT AIR SUPPORT IVE LOST TOO MANY MEN!!

so yea..

ok so It didnt quite end there..

My rubber-darted orange love machine drove any sensebility left in me straight onto oncoming traffic. I pointed my car in the direction of the evil Wallmart corporation and erractically wove my way through defective halfbreed drivers who should learn how to freaking signal once in a while!


A dog barks, the wind rustles in the trees.. a child laughs.. the sound of squealling tires can be heard a far off.. then closer as a 2003 dodge sx2.0 hauls buttoc's into the poorly laid out parking lot, narrowly missing 17 blue pylons (shopping carts), you can tell the driver is quite expirienced and has l33t skillz.

I dive out the window, duke style, and ninjai my way across the yellow striped ground.. likely trip wires for nerf bombes I'll bet. As I enter the glass sliding doors, I notice some noobs attempting to get beer money by playing guitar in front of the 35c pop machine.. spies. Noted.

Its a long walk down the aisle to the toy section.. through makeup and cards, jewlery and candy..its a hard road, but one i must go down if I truly want the prize i seek.
37seconds later I have arrived at my desired destination.. the gun aisle..

My world stops.. I can feel my heart beating, trying to get out of my chest, I can hardly breath.. there it is.. THE ONE... The Transforming Tech 4in1 mini dart system. 4 guns that assemble together to make one! The total assault weapon.. NO.. noo.. I cant do it.. I have $27 left and I should save it!.. but for what.. what do I really need money for? Exactly.. you.. you are the man.. you need this gun. it will COMPLETE you!

The next morning I rolled out of bed to the sound of "BLAH BLAH WAAAANGIDDY WOOOBLEY I LOSSSST MY DOOOG AND NOOOW I NEED TO DIIIEEEEEEE" (who put it on country anyway??) As i warbled out into the sunlit dining room a surge of excitment comes upon me! Its GUN DAY!!

As I make my way to work the excitment builds.. guns loaded I diveroll into theNHA ITS phone support room only to be met by a hailstorm of deadly yellow darts!! the other guys I work with had loaded up with nerf guns themselves! ITs like we planned it!!!

All fun and games aside it was quite a good expirience.. What i like the most is the fact that I get paid a good amount of cashola to shoot my co-workers. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soo Nice

Its soo nice, wanna hear the same soong twice...

Song in my head.

Whats so nice? my new job is so nice.. I used to go to bed and think.. fudgebucket! I have to go to work tomorro.. prolly sit at budget and do a whole lotta nothin.. but now!! Im like.. gettin ready for bed and thinkin.. soo i have to show up tomoro.. answer some phones.. play some mini-basketball.. shoot some dart-guns.. maybe look for my house on google earth.. so nice.


So i started a hobby! I am now goin to the Jim, gonna get a little more confortable and whatnot.. My buddy hooked me up with a 2 week pass to Golds and I think I'm likin it there. Gonna take a while before i actually know what I'm doing though!

Small Child

The small child is getting not so small.. Most of the time she's really good! Been having Ginormous battles at the 'supper table' battlegrounds (all you parents out there know what I'm talking about). Seems she doesnt like to eat unless its right when we get in the car or once I say the first sylable of 'Bedtime!'


So T started skool yesterday.. 3rd year at the big kids school (UV) Amidst the excitment and hustle-bustle of the yearly 'back to school' craziness remains the sobering fact that its still a whole buncha work. pfff.. Was discussing the way the world works with a buddy the other day.. Crazy how a janitor at the hospital can make the same or more money than a nurse who went to school for 4 years! ah well.. what can you do...


pretty nifty eh? How can it not excite you??

New Plan

I have a new get rich..well maybe not quick but whatever.. plan.

Ima invest money into random stocks and hope they go up!! Then one will pay off and I will get rich.. I know you are all rooting for me and your support is appreciated..

P. out.

Please Hold

So last week. Get this call right.. its the hospital
"hey! whats up? want a job?"

so yea.. Got maself hooked up (well a buddy on the inside hooked me up) basically answer phones for a stupid amount of money.. Kind of excited.. kinda of hmm'd u know.. starting a new job is always like hmm. THEY"LL ALL LAUGH AT ME NOOOOO!!
this helped..

The child

So the child is still around. hasent went to work for the circus or anything.. yet.. She's still enjoying swimming tuesdays with T and Gwamma time on thursdays... I think we've finally convinced her there are no monsters in her room but there are witches and witches are BAD witches but some witches are nice witches I dont like witches witches are not mosters but they are bad but some are nice. " I want to watch Joonahh."



I finally broke down and gave in to the satellite gods.. well.. hockey.. oc. SEX AND THE CITY!!! how can you resist? I even got the movie channels so there is ALWAYS something to watch..

Hobbie.. hobby.. hobbiey? how u spell that?
So I need a hobby I've realized (or been told.. i um forget) I was thinkin of taking some jazz or classical guitar lessons! uh uh!! what u think? hm. perhaps a martial art? or something that makes me do ACTIVITY. even lawn bowling would do the trick... <<-- any better ideas woiuld be greatly appreciated... (no model buliding, modeling or pet breeding ideas please)

I will soon have the interweb back at home (its this fancy idea me and my friend J thot up.. see you take a bunch computers.. then put information on them.. and hook them up! whammoo! your rich!!) So we'll see how that idea pans out.. in the meanwhile..

Eat healthy and stay fit!


Trippity Trip Hop

It's been awhile** (stole that from staind)


Ahh the trip.


So we started out after 5 that tuesday, me with the lead foot made it to canmore in about 6 hours.. O the intoxicating beauty of clear rivers and sun-bathed mountain ranges! I seriously considered relocating there, perhaps opening up a little computer shoppe? Was nice to see tanya again (tamara's sister) and met her significant other- Tyler. Overall we had alot of fun and didnt want to leave!.


The next day we mosied into cowboy country to see my beloved sister and her hubbie. While in calgary we went to the calgary zoo (all sorts of fun stuff, I'll post pics when i get around to it) Ikea, and Jeremiah took us out to a nice little sushi shop where we stuffed our cakeholes with raw fish. mmm deliciouso as dora would say.


You wanna talk about a slow way of life? holy moley.
After driving straight for a number of hours we hit a bump. It was sweet.

ok so there was a i little more to it than that, an exciting electrical storm, met some inlaws ( ok they arent quite inlaws yet but u get the picture) Saw danielle!! was fun times all around


We went to edmonton! Saw T's parents, hit the west ed! Martina had the time of her life at Galaxy land with Gwanpa Bruce and Gwamma Gail. Tamara and I walked around the mall for a few hours and ended up with a belt and a small gift for my bro.. (noone feel left out.. it just grabbed my attention ok!) Oh and we ate at a pita place. was good.

Then it was back to calgary for dinner with the sis ( oh and how deluctable it was (is that a word? (can you keep putting little comments into little comments?))) Martina enjoyed some quality time with Auntie and UNcle before we headed to CANMORE for another night and a full day of exploring the back alleys and dark basements of the quaint little town. Part of the day we spent there was looking at HUGE houses up on the hills.. We're talking half a million dollar houses to multi-million dollar houses.. which is why I've rethunk my relocation plans until I can concieve a feasable plot to weasel the rich poeple out of ungodly amounts of money so I can have a nice big house too!!

Home sweet Home

Ahh. so since we've been home a few things have happened to.. Things i shall perhaps leave for a better time ( never know what sneaky's are prowling about on the internet) dodgam little sneakers. (kim you got my back on this one?)

Ah well I guess this all goes back to the selfish use of company resources, as I dont have internet at home atm and am of course, writing this at work once again..

HEhe. I dont really have anything eslse to say. cept i still feel like writing..
YOu need to check this webpage KIM STARTED kind of funny

P out.


Company resources.

Is it ok for people to use company resources for personal use. I think so. Well not really.. but i do it anyway. I've realized that every day I check my email. bank.. use MSN (constantly). In fact. Im writing this using company resources.. and I'm getting paid! yay..

So last night was fun!.. the usual OC night festivities kicked off around 6pm, My bestest most wonderfullest cook friend J made the pork tenderloin dinner for about 8 people, (you gotta try this. seriously) Then it was off to Tamara's aunt's house to meet the fockers. I mean parents. hehe. god im funny.. Ahhh..


They get their own section.
Just on the off chance they actually ever read this i better put only nice things in. :P Yes. it was an entertaining evening of old stories and recollection of days past. ( got some dirt on T) Much laughing and fun poking there was.. It was about 11:30 when we decided the chill and bugs where winning the battle and we packed it in. Roused the sleeping bundle of joy and said our goodbye's..

Ok so that wasn't ALL that happened....

About half way throught the evening I.. in my usual clumsy-adolescent way - I casually caused Tamara's wine glass to dump comletely onto her pants and all over the blanket she had on.. Of course the crowd pretended not to notice but I'm sure shortly after I left there were would have been hysterical 'fun-poking' at Tamara's new boyfriend. and how handicapped he is.. how he just soiled her pants so she would take them off.. I can only imagine.. The funny part.. it really doesnt bother me to think about! I'm fairly certain that the reason I'm so comfortable with her family is because its just right.


So when I get home.. say around 11:45ishish to a shadowfilled 'creepified' house. ( i hate it when there isnt any lights on in the house) The first thing that is staring at me is my screensaver..

"It was all Jay"

Hmmm. intriuging~!.. all Jay what? what did he do?

HE REARRANGED THE WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE!!!! Tables/chairs, guitars, PLANTS (T was less than impressed that someone would touch 'her precious' ) all were scrambled in random places throughout the house.. Haha. Funny joke.

K it was kinda funny.. hehe but if you talk to him don't tell him i said that.. otherwise we'll have pictires on the roof and cd's hangin from the cieling next week as his 'practical joke skillz' level up.

I guess i should continue my day.. click next.. wait.. click next.. wait.. **oww.. my back.. so sore..** hehe

asta la vista..
k i diunno what that means it just felt right..



Ever eat like a king?
I have.

One of my bestest most wonderful friends in the whole wide world cooked me dinner again tonite. J.

Pork tenderloin with a mushroom bacon gravy sauce, steamed broccoli and baby potatoes bbq'd to perfection. A nice white shiraz to taste and royalty I am.

Today was crazy.

My boss is gone to vancouver, and I've just started this new job as a technical consultant for a networking firm. Today I had to recover a server for a large law firm without any info kind of flying by the seat of my pants. (which is just hard ok!) So after 3 and a half hours I managed to drag the mechanical bear out of its hibernation and come out on top looking like I knew what i was doing. Then it was off to the next site where I did my first Network walkthrough. Basically You have to map out the client site and take note of any major and minor network needs that will be taken into account in the network design phase. This is quite important as quotes are based upon what I write down. ( a leeetle stressful for never having done before)
Enuph wining tho.
Aside from the hectic day and delicious recovery I have more to report! Last night shall be deemed a 'deep cleaning' night. Tamara and I were up until 2am cleaning out closets and rooms and stocking old useless items that for some reason MUST be kept, into the shed. I wonder how many times I need to relocate items until they are deemed useless and finally thrown out? I'm thinkin 4. heh. man I'm funny.


So tonight its going to be more.. you guessed it! painitng!! I'm super excited. I think I;m a little nervous tho.. I mean.. painting? on the wall! where people will see?? Ok. I guess I'm not THAT funny.. I do crack myself up tho... This one time, I was like OMG its blue! hehehe. yea.. just had to be there...

Little one.

The little one had a crappy day.
Now she's sleeping.

When words stop coming its time to stop forcing the literary diareah via the 104 key standard.
Peece owt.


Whats new.. hmm

Paint.. pretty much what I've been doing lately. Painting :)

House is starting to look good though, its nice to finally have colour in the house.. no more sanity swallowing white. I think for a while I'm going to pretend I know how to write. Hey! I'm writing!! Life is good,


Thats what's been going on with me. Lots of change. Good changes mind you! New love, new job, not dishing out ungodly amounts of money for diapers!! To sit back and look at myself over the last year lots of change has happened, but strangly not regretting anything major! Which is nice for a change! hehe.


Thanks to the wonderful Ms Ritchie, there are now numerous oxygen excreting, water eating children adapting to their new habitat.. my humble abode. I think it transforms my little house into a home.. that and the nice piano I've inherited from my mother. (no she hasen;t died, just planning on moving so the 'rents are downsizing their collection of earthly posessions)

The child

MY little gaffer is growing tremendously. Doing her whatnot on the 'potty' (most of the time) and starting to get a little attitude. What I've been told is she's 'testing her boundries' which is sometimes interesting/entertaining/frustrating! All in all I think people without kids don't know what living is! (but that may just be a proud daddy talking!) It's quite entertaining to hear her speak.. an example: " why daddy?..oh ya dont say why.. NO.. oh ya don't say no.. poo.. oh ya dont say poo.. pee!. oh.. dont say pee.. be quiet! oops. dont say be quiet.." It seems she's not allowed to say anything she wants to!! She's 2 and.. hmm. almost 10 months now! wow.. doesnt take long.

Going on a trip soon!. Get to spend one wonderful week on the road visiting old family and new! Tamara ( the introduced Wonderful Ms Ritchie) Martina (the child) and I are packing the wagon and heading east. The plan is to head to kamloops for a day (perhaps) then continue on to Canmore (where T's sister Tanya and boyfriend Tyler reside). Then on to Calgary to visit Carmen and Jeremiah (Martina's aunt and uncle!) Off to a wedding in some place in saskatchewan (people still live on the plains?) And to visit Danielle in Eston for a day or so!. Pretty excited as its been a number of years I've been on a vacation for a vacation.. not another fun trip to a hospital in Van for some random reason..

Alas i've rambled on.. although.. if you are bored there's this fancy keyboard trck. HOld down alt and press f4! The window has closed! No more boredom!!