Wednesday, February 10, 2010

End of the Interlude

Over the past year or so ( check the archives if its important to you) I haven't had much to write about on the 'ol My amazing wife has been dutifully scribing our daily happenings over on Hmmm which for one - stole most of my content and two - allowed me to be shamefully lazy when it comes to posting. Don't get me wrong.. I really enjoy reading about her take on our life and usually learn something new about whats going on at home!

Work is one place I can fill you all in on though -

It was an early spring - April of 2008 when I accepted the prestigous title of

NE HLN Site Coordinator, The world full of new possibilites ( a good raise!) and perhaps the chance of being busy once again!

My journey started out slow with an immediate lack of responsibilites and no real boss - ( I report to the NE COO and at the time the office was empty and being covered by a contract executive) But slowly over the first 6 months I started to become a little more engaged and responsible for communications between 6 sites and a project team of nearly 70 proffesionals. The start of 2009 brought on a new challenge - Bring those 6 sites live with a new computer system that connects all the clinical departments electronically. Time passed quickly and with each successful go-live I gained a little more respect from the staff and increased my comfort coordinating project implementations. The first 6 sites in the other parts of the organization took almost 2 years to implement but by Mid June all NE 6 sites were online and the bulk of my responsibilites dissapeared!

The last 6 months have been similar to how this career move started - few responsibilities and even less direction from above. I've spoken with the powers that be regarding workload and asked for an increase due to the free time I have. - "maybe try get some more face-time with staff and see if you can get busy that way" was the response. Great. Make-work projects in my mind are as useless as not showing up. I've been going with the latter.

Enough Griping about having too easy of a job!

In other news - I've secured a small group of hooligins to hang out with which is been a nice change from the mostly friendless-days of Terrace. Endless nights of fire stoking, projects and quad racing have proven to keep me sane in light of the sorry work situation.

My family keeps getting older which has good and bad points I would like to touch on briefly.

Seven going on 16 - M has attitude. She also can now skate - build forts in the snow and drive a quad!

2 going on.. 2 - Linden whines. He also really loves playing cars, hockey and smashing things at random.

T - 20 something going on 20 something. - She does nothing wrong. She is always right.