Friday, August 18, 2006

Moving prep

My moving prep entry may be slightly different than my wife's... You see, she is busy packing away trinkets and dishes into well padded boxes, organizing toys and cleaning out the fridge.. I've been golfing :)

Now the Prince George branch of the Pine Valley golf courses isn't quite as fancy as this one, but you get the idea.

Last night was boys night, we went out for dinner, my father, brother and I,. We scarfed down some chinee and were on our way.
Golfing was a gruelling contest of skill and mental stability, and in the end I beat them both down. Not that it means I golfed good, rather bad in fact, they just golfed worse!
All in all it was good to get out and have some time together, brings back the woodshed memories... no not those kind.. the ones where you go and get wood, from the woodshed.

Work is contributing to my move, which will ease the strain and decrease the pain.. ( why do I insist on rhyming everthing? I should just get rich and show off my Bling.. ) So the plan is to check the area out.. have a look at whats what and who's who and why and where and all that jazz. Then come back in a month or so to get the rest of our belongings and move into the new place.
Good thing I've prepared so well for the move, should make the transition easier... :)

Peece Owt.


rayban68 said...

Of course, I was playing injured as my wife nearly broke my left arm by smashing it with a 3-wood... and after all that I only let P win by 2 strokes....

mari said...

I will make you pay for not helping me pack... I will make you pay.

Zanitram said...

whats the student rate? like $6.50 an hour?

mari said...

Why is it you corporate people always gotta diss the students?
$6.50 an hour... geeze.