Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dark all day

Today it was dark all day.. Didn't get much lighter at any point than PG look like at 4:30pm.. sort of dusky looking.. overcast with scattered showers.

Our office equipment is currently being installed into our new office! yay! No more working off the edge of a small round meeting table meant for coffee and small descisions, No more clutter causing papers and piles of assorted pens plastering the small space I've pee'd around. At last I shall have some organization and plenty of desk space to setup my little plastic toys that capture my attention when paperwork is slow.

Just got back from my trip to PG. Spent most of the time either at work or painting the old house. ( still hasen't sold yet!) It's good to be back and I don't think I'll be leaving again anytime soon as it was quite painfull not seeing my girls for a week!

I heard it was snowing in PG today..meheh.. mwahah. HAHAHAHAHAH.. (this is funny hey kim?) Yea.. as the famous phrase goes.. 'sucks to be you'

I feel my writing is rather boring today, lethargic and labourous it comes, slowly at first and then picks up speed, but the content is lacking.. lacking indeed. That is all for now then.


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