Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Putting out Forest Fires

This Canada Day weekend we packed up the car and headed to Grand Cache to see T's Parents and do a 'little' Golfing.

Perhaps thats the wrong term as we golfed for THREE days!! The Par 4 golf course had a few tricky Greens and some long drives and held our interest even in the hot hot weather.

T came out on sunday and handled herself quite nicely, playing the same Tees as the boys and putting her dad to shame on one long 200ish yard drive! We defenitaly appreciated the golf carts as the course is a total 3000 yards long!

M had a good weekend as well, having her face painted and stuffed with candy from each morning on! Mostly spending quailty time with Grandparents and Julian (the cat) if she could get close enough!

Time off the course was spent in good conversation on the back deck overlooking the 3000 villagers below and the beautiful surrounding mountains. All slightly covered in a translucent smokey haze, caused by the nearby forest fires.
The Nation's Birthday festivities ended in a long firework show that put PG's pathetic attempts to shame. Not bad for a town of 3000!
All in all, a good weekend other than the FREAKING speeding ticket.. 128 in a 100 zone.. I had been VERY careful all weekend as I didn't want another ticket. The first time I actually sped (and just to pass) a cop was right around the corner!
lesson learned? - Speed all the time. At least you'll get there faster.

changes afoot.. stay tuned.



rayban68 said...

yay golf!! we'll have to take the girls out someday

graceej said...

is "afoot" a word?

Zanitram said...