Friday, September 29, 2006

Gettin settled

So why not take a trip to pg?

Finally we've moved the majority of our things -well some of them anyway- to Terrace. We know our garbage day, met the mail lady and found the closest beer store.. so we're all set.

So next week we'll be in the peeg, main reason is for work, I get to hang with Big G and the crew at HSBC. But we plan on kickin it with the locals too! Really get in there and see the culture you know? It's really what travelling is all about.. experience the place.!! Pretty much filled up the week already but if you feel you have some authetic PG culture that we need to see just drop me a line!

Kool thing about a small town? You could get them to put just about anything on your ID card!


GraceeJ said...

Then you shoulda got them to put something cool on there like "SUPER P!!!" and maybe even they could get you a red cape with the hospitals crest on the back....yah, saaaweet!

rayban68 said...

yes small towns are funny
i heard your brother miscounted the scorecard to make you feel better... good job.

Zanitram said...

Yea he keeps doin that hey? happened again on sunday.. what a nice bro!

Take friday off... gonna hit a bigger course during the late am early aft.

rayban68 said...

too bad that someone has to keep this place running..