Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New truck

Well.. new to us!

'01 Chevy 1500HD

Roomy Interior!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Diggin for Gold

Who needs the lottery.. I got my own lottery in them thar hills.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Terrace is still here, so are we.. Getting ready for a few visits in the near future! Jay and Resse will be here near the end of the week and then mommy and daddy come on sunday!

Martina had a CT scan today as they think it is her adenoids affecting her sleep and breathing, it will be nice to have that all figured out. She performed excellently and was well deserving of her celibratory A&W.

Not much else to share, one of my 2 friends in town is moving to penticton Friday, so it will be just Uncle Claus and I for poker now!
Tamara is doing wonderful and her belly confirms she is definatley pregnant!
Spending my working time in Kitimat for the next little while and have already been enjoying myself there! The staff is eager to learn and easy to please as they are not used to having anyone come out there to help!

This freakin post is majorly disjointed and would be incredibly more so if I hadn't tried to semi-organize the words in my head into sentances.


Peece Owt

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I found a sack of baby spiders on my deck railing yesterday.

My mind kicks into high gear, racing to react without screaming. I clear my throat to get my heart out and back away slowly towards the back door of the house. Once inside I scan the shelves searching for the box with the big nasty spider on it. Next to the box is a half full spray bottle.. Spider Ban. sweet. Now the box has all these signs that mean toxic and poisenous, use gloves blah blah blah. No time. I grap the bottle and start shooting as I leave the doorframe sending little orange babies to their writhing grave. I think I got most of them... but I wonder about the few that got away, somewhat altered from the noxious fumes. Perhaps they will become super spiders that eat through windows and climb on your face while you sleep.

I hope not.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So its pretty nice up here in the NW.. stays light until 10pm which leads to a lot of fishing.

No. I haven't caught anything yet. Hard to do serious angling with a 4 year old on board!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Harley Davidson

2001 Sportster 1200 Custom.

Need I say more.

Friday, May 11, 2007


So I've sold my car. I guess I put alot of time and energy into it over the years.. not to mention the money!
Why do I feel my freedom has been ripped from my bosom? Tangible evidence of coolness has been removed from my now insignificant life. I mourn the loss like a loved one that has been sold out from under me. Shadows fill my thoughts. Dark shadows in the form of a Harley Davidson spewing fire out the dual exhaust pipes reviving my soul and infusing me with coolness.

Alas it seems it is not to be.

The slow trickle of lameness creeps in wherever it can, now one way.. now another. This time it is coming at full force, in the shape of a travel trailer.. every young mans fear.
When the time in your life comes to choose a travel trailer over a dream machine, the crossroads of coolness/lameness are set before you. Many have fallen where the dusty trail splits , choosing the one that does not fit their life... Perhaps attempting to steal back their youth or maybe just acting out childhood dreams. Maybe they are beaten down to unconciousness by their partners.. shaming them into submission and forcing them to go the way of the Travel Trailer.

This is a plea for help.
Do not let me be uncool.

Vote Harley.

Sincerely yours,


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Surprising update on Mr Morka

Apparently it turns out Mr Morka was under Alien Mind Control and is an ok dude.

Monday, April 02, 2007





My blood chills and I let the tile slap down causing Mr Morka to jerk his body around and yell something unintelligible into the phone. I hear crashing and movement and suddenly a large ice pick comes through the tile beside me, weakening the support system my body is perched on and I crash down to the floor losing consciousness.


I wake with a start, in bed, still dressed in my pajamas, light streaming through my window gently soothing sleeps dark story. I roll over and let out a soft groan, the memories still so real, I can still feel the rush of wind as I fall from the ceiling, I can see the rusted point of a menacing ice pick pierce the crumbling fiberglass tile beside my head and it shakes me to my very core.

Life continues and the hospital is oblivious to what is lurking beneath the surface. I can find no trace of what I know to be true, but each time I happen across the dimly lit workshop Mr Morka gives me an odd smile and twirls his ice pick innocently...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I rest my case.

Dried up overnight.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Ol car

Freakin truck broke.

A wire from the battery to the starter or something.. in english: $166 plus $75 labour.
The good news; I talked to PG ford and they will pay for half!

The part had to be ordered, so reluctantly (in a twisting of rubber arm sort of way) I put my secksy car on the road! It's sure feels nice, the power of the 4banger dropped onto the asphalt on extra low pro wide tires while the rumbly exhaust brags of phantom power.

In the end I guess it will be nice to have 2 vehicles on the road again so T can mosey off to Kitimat or Rupert for the day without me if it strikes her fancy to do so.

The question is.. Who drives what?

Monday, February 19, 2007


So I've been absent of late. Only online though!

In 'RL' I've been busy busy busy.

I like dolphins ok!!

While attending a conference in Victoria this past week I had a little bit of down time and as I wandered the twisting streets I stumbled upon a quaint little tattoo shop aptly named Paradise ( Pair -0- Dice)

In approximately an hour and a quarter I was inked in a most manly and fashionable way.

What a punk hey?

I also recieved an expensive haircut from suki's in vancouver and I now sport a dashing fro to go along with the tunnel in my earlobe. Yes Th3k1m sure knows how to show you a good time!

It is good to be back with my fabulous wife and small child. I do enjoy travelling but next time they are coming with me!!
I would write more but Its early, and I'm lame. So, until next time, when I get home to terrace. ( in the peeg for another day or 2)

Peece Owt

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Your Slanguage Profile

Canadian Slang: 75%

British Slang: 50%

Aussie Slang: 25%

Prison Slang: 25%

Southern Slang: 25%

New England Slang: 0%

Friday, January 26, 2007

Good times

Good times indeed.

A lot has happened since my last blogging update!

Main points.

Went to Calgary and visited Carmen and Jer. Had a really good time and bought a whole new wardrobe! (which I've never done before so it was quite the experience) We played into the Wii Hours of the morning, bowling, tennis, golf and zelda!

Came to PG ( still here..leavin in the mornin!)

Bought a truck!!

2001 F150 supercab xlt
So it's been a good start to the new year, everyone is in good health and will soon all be in the truck.
Peece Owt

Sunday, January 07, 2007


And so it begins, a new year.

Yogurt is on the left and coffee on the right of my laptop that sits in front of me a little higher than usual due to the new elevated table. I ponder what to write, I know it's about time to update my piece of the interweb but nothing substantial comes to mind. ( Not that it's stopped me before.. I usually just write something abstract or semi-witty) But today there doesn't seem to be a way to break through that thinking level into the deeper "writing level".. perhaps that is the problem! Is there supposed to be 2 layers? And just like that, countless scenes of Sex&The City flash through my mind where the main character always is asking retorical questions.. The city part of that sentance reminded me I will be doing some travelling soon!

Jan 13th - FLy to Calgary to see Ma Seester
Jan 16th - Fly home to see ma Wife
Jan 19th - Drive to PG with the Family for a wedding (Stay with Bro and his Wife )
Jan 23rd - Drive home!

Feb 10th- Fly to Vancouver to see Canucks game!! ( still in the works)( Th3K1m for 3 days?)
Feb 13th- Fly to Victoria for a Nursing Informatics conference (Family drives to PG)
Feb 18th - Fly back to PG to hang with the fam.
Feb 23rd - Drive to Dawson to see T's sister
Feb 26th - Drive to Burns
Feb 27th - Drive home

This is a private schedule though.. so please don't go posting it on the internet or something!



It's going ok, Had a good phone call with my personal/professional developer yesterday to get motivated to accomplish something this year!
Workload is light, which is tentativly good....

The child

She's freakin HuGe! ( say with scottish accent)

M sits to my right, (careful not to tip my coffe) reading books while eating breakfast. ( I loved doing that as a kid) Of course she isn't quite at the reading level yet, which lends to some very interesting stories about the pictures.

M's (toy)story.

Teddy says its a great day to go out to the summer park. All of the other animals agreed.
Your blocking the summer path!@!
They found the swing with summer on it and the slide with summer on it.
And everything was hot.
Everyone agreed but they didn't think when they got there it would be that hot.
So the clown said I can go on the monkey bars,I can't says clown
Clown says thats too hot for him.
Train says its too hot for his pipe! He cant move a sound! and is boring as suck. ( I stopped her for a second "Don't say suck M")
Monkey monkey monkey monkey had a tree in the apple, but he said it was too hot but its ok here.
Dino says too hot to build a sandcastle but the cars can drive on it
I- Am - A - Hot - Ro-Bot, I-like-flow-ers.

A duck in the water said i can do a swim swim in a triangle in a hot swim and he tries tries tries but cannot get it, it is too hot for me I am a duck.

Everyone says what will we do at this hot swimming park it is too hot and we cannot do anything but sit in the cooold hot winter summer eve and wait then go home. But dolly came by. It's to hot for me and took them to her house and they had a Teaset!
Thats how it goes at the summer hot park.


Monday, January 01, 2007

CO2 filled hobby.

Found my hobby.
? cmon dude its been forever.. remember back in '05 when I was askin for help? Then again last year I requested assistance in scaring away the boredom monster! Well I've done it.


Shoot other people.

Superfun! So I hooked up with all the paintball necessities for around $400 or so and started shootin. T's uncle unwrapped a gun on christmas eve (they do the german thing) So head to head combat was ineveitable.

I Pwned him btw.

So apparently there is a paintball park in Terrace.. Once I get good enough I'll be sure to look it up, pwn some noobs with my shadowbane. This sport will keep me entertained, help to get me in shape and I shall aquire more skills needed by the Millenium Ninja's of our age.

Anyhoo.. Haven't blogged much lately, not sure what thats all about. I;m blaming it on too much family, too many new toys and plain laziness.

Can't wait for that projector to get here.. and the 16,000 paintballs I ordered.. oh the new table T bought too.. thats exciting. OH AND KIM IS GONNA COME VISIT!!!


Peece owt