Thursday, February 09, 2006

Settled.. .for now

So I've started my new job over at the hospital here, its quite the change from the humdrum world of phones...

Mostly I spend my time imaging pc's (installing windows) and installing them at client sites ( different desks in and around the hospital).. There is the odd software issue I attend to, although my primary role at the moment is to clean up all the old work orders.. oh wait.. I;m done them already :)
So for now I have time to quickly update my blog.. a luxury that cant be afforded to often here in the field. You gotta fight tooth and nail for a leg up here.. you can't turn your back or you might find your whole desk upside down.. literally.. and sticky notes all over it with smart-aleck remarks dispersed among the yellow blanket of squares... Ok but really its not all fun and games.. no more just hangin out at the desk sippin on gin and juice.. here its all about client interaction and actually moving your bottom... which is actually nice for a change!

So.. for now.. I'm settled.. but don't be surprised if something changes..
Thats what this is all about isnt it?