Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hang out with friends!

Check this site I found!
It's all about hanging out with friends!!!


You should check it out.. everyone is doing it!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


The bright sunlight filters in above my head through the slits in the drapes. A golden ocean surrounds me as the covers shimmer in the morning sun, softly nudging me to consciousness. My eyes rest on the shadows that dance on the wall next to me, gently attempting to lull me back to sleep.
Reality clouds my thoughts, the events of the past few weeks replaying in my head like those black and white movies that won't go away. Images at first, flitting in and out with no real start or end and then, time categorizes all memories effortlessly before I can stop it.

I was having a pleasant evening out, enjoying the fresh spring air and the chatter of passerby's when a middle-aged man bumped me aside, rushing along for one important reason or another. An important business meeting or late dinner plans perhaps. Regardless, the force of his nudge caused me to catch a smartly dressed Japanese business man's briefcase on the knee, spilling the contents on the wharf deck. As I bent down to help him collect the documents I noticed they weren;t documents at all. All $1000 bills. So... I grabbed 6 stacks and shot down the closest side street, weaving my way throught the city until I was surely alone. Noone followed as it would be more costly to leave the bundles lying on the deck than to recover the 60g I had collected for the knee injury.

Night after night of carefree spending and nonsensical whatnotishism blur together painting a rough picture of what it may be like to make it bigtime.
Is this what the 'high-life' is like? Or does it get better? I guess I have another month or so to figure it out although it doesn't seem as fun as originally planned.
Well.. its off to the carribean! I'll keep in touch.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Typical Thursday.

Today.. Client with lisp calls helpdesk

Client "Hi, get me on the thystem pleath"

PSA "Could we start with your first and last name"

Client "Blah, Blahhlah"

PSA "thank you, one moment"

Client " Ok, tho I need on the Thystem"

PSA "Yes maam, ok. Could you tell me what system you need to get on"

Client " I don't know. Your the computer guy, get me on the thystem"

PSA "OK, I just need to know what system you are referring to so I can help"

Client " I already told you I dont know! Get me on the damn thystem!!"

PSA "There are a number of systems, what is it you need to do on the system"

Client "Am I a computer god? Do I look like a charlie gates? All I need to do is GET ON THE DAMN THYSTEM!@!"

PSA " Oh, that thystem. I'll let the administrator know ASAP. Thanks for calling"

Some peoples kids.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Cranberry juice.
The stuff wreaks Havoc on the insides but for some reason I can't stay away from it. mmmm. Cranberry Juice.

So on saturday we went wedding ceremony shopping around the pg area and happened upon a bird.

I'm pretty sure its a new species, I'll name it Phaselhiensk. In honour of the cheap linen in munsk.
People say I'm strange but thats cuz I'm a stranger.

DoMeStiC DiSpUtEs

Close the door! where you born in a barn?
No.. Just forgot! Sheesh.
Well, we're not heating the neighborhood you know
Just drop it
NO. I'm not dropping it, every freaking time you come in the door you leave it open.
Its a waste of energy!
look. grow up, you're a waste of energy.
Oh Me grow up? I'm not the one being a name callerer.
Right.. name callerer.. good one.
I can't take this right now.

This has been DoMeStiC DiSpUtEs our new addition to the program!

Thanks for tuning in, we'll see you next time and have a GREAT day!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Freaking Hang.

So this was the 5th weekend I was sick.. what the freaking hang eh? Sat night I had some random stomach flu.. Sunday a 'minor' migrane.. or 'major' headache.. whatever you prefer.. I prefer neither...

There was some fun to be had though!

M visited an aunt and seemed to have fun! We went wedding reception shopping and are |----| <- that much closer to getting something accomplished! JUST kidding. T is quite organized as the other T does this for a job.. got the whole thing catagorized,organized and prioretized in a spandacular spreadsheet setup on saturday or something...Sorry for being so silly, sometimes s's simply slip out sporadically.

On a side note. well If I knew how to make it on the side I wouldn't have to say that would I? Fine. On a normal note.. centred but labled side note.. darnit.. forgot what the note was. Oh yes. I feel the ship starting to shift, interviews.. emails.. talk in the office.. something big is about to happen.. Wait for it.. I will update you as soon as possible as I know there are many of you waiting with abated breath, crossing fingers and eyes, yearning for another glimpse into my life, searching for any glimmering mention of my future, praying for a chance to be a part of it. Fear not! for I will not follow in the footsteps of those before me! I will not be like Bilbo Bagginson and just 'dissapear' leaving the responsibilities to the next generation. I will stand firm! And maybe sit sometimes if I get tired.. but I will not leave you helpless, stranded and alone. Unless I get a REALLY high paying job.. or even just slightly higher.. or even something with benefits.. perhaps a free lunch once a month? It wouldnt take much really.. anything.. please? Well.. anyway.. wait for it.

It's Comin.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A walk in the park


If only the wee one could take pics...

Monday, November 14, 2005


Is it too early to start decorating? - The question I asked myself when my house started turning white, red and green this weekend. The question was answered early this morning when a coworker revealed what his weekend consisted of.. setting up christmas trees and decorating the house! So... for people that really have nothing better to do, decorating at the beginning of November for Christmas is OK.

Here are a few things on my Gimme-Gimme List this year. Feel free to get ideas when buying my gift.

A sailboat.
A 4-wheeler
Set of Golf Clubs
Seasons tickets to Canucks w/acc and travel expenses
New Truck
New nerf guns.

A free holiday would work as well.. somewhere tropical or something.. use your imagination!
Just Kidding.. But seriously.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pretty much says it all!


So have you ever had one of those days where you are just detached? Sort of standing off watching your life happen.. not that you aren't in control.. just sort of viewing the decisions and day to day happenings from afar. My last little bit was like that.. Feels like I'm coming back to earth finally. Yay.

So tonight is OC.. not sure who will come as T has some Grandma's Attic thing to attend th3k1m is off at some Bday party, J works till 8 so he won't be around to make dinner.. Ima check on Binder and Jess.. Perhaps it will be a slow evening.. we will have to see.

Brought my laptop to work today to try hack the wireless or lan tday.. unsuccesful. well done CORE. One of the pillars of the helpdesk is gone on vacation so we'll have to see how we hold up this next week!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

S'aaaaalll Gooood!..

So I got the strep. An angry angry little bugger that likes to eat your throat hairs and stuff. So the Dr. didn't have to take blood but did have some computer questions! So all is well that ends well. And pretty much everything ends well.. so its all good!
It is all good.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blood sucking doctors.

I have to go to the doctor today.
Went home early yesterday as the sick monster smashed me in the head and broke me.

I hope he doesnt take blood. But apparently its not that big of a deal according to rayban
I'll let you know if I make it out alive.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sick Monster

So the last three weekends have been stolen by the sick monster.
Come friday evening I start to feel tired and old.. Saturday morning isn't bad until about noon when I have to lay down as my head is pounding, stomach churning and bones aching. This lasts until sunday evening gradually getting better until Monday morning where the only reminders are a sore throat and another wasted weekend.

Next weekend I think I'll do a system cleaning before I start getting sick.. just wash everything out with alcohol to ensure there are no nasty bugs laying in wait for the right moment to attack!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Well its about freakin time eh?

For an update! The last week has been insane.. so much has happened I dont even know where to start.. I guess with the trip to italy...no lets talk about australia first..
SO we go down under right, and there's this crazy guy who wants to sell us pickles. And so I'm like, dude, I don't want your sundried pickles! But he won't like, go away right.. so finally I'm like. K. I'll take one. So I take one and give him 5 shekels or whatever and he snaps! He's all like freaking out yelling at me, acting like Im a bad guy or whatever. Just goes to show why they dont have many tourists anymore.


K seriously.. Not too many crazy things have happened. The odd mishap here and there but for the most part things have been running along smoothly.


The family had quite the time with minor interuptions but good times in the end. We ended up hitting the fireworks in College heights and stopping by to see the wee one's cousin. She ended up with a quarter pillowcase of candy, enough to keep her sweet for another year.


Preeety much says it all.


This is a new section I've decided to add..

Nov.4th 2005.

If you are a human you will die. eventually. That is your horoscope.

(this has been works of wizdom from P)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005