Thursday, March 16, 2006


So! HEU (my union) has reached a tentative agreement that must be voted on by all members.

big raise plus $3700-$4200 signing bonus.

I vote yes.


K-Prime said...

If I vote yes, can I have a bonus too?

rayban68 said...

No but if you vote yes, you can pay for the bonus with your tax dollars.

Dirty government workers. (where do i sign up?)

thedeviluno said...

My only question is wether you are going to bury that treasure? If so I recomend the use of a map with a Large X to hide said buried treasure. Also you will need an island. Goat Island is close by your house and is sometimes accessible. Also convert that cashola into preciuos metals stones and silverware, you dont want to be dependant on that paper when the market goes to shit and everyone is trading chickens and fur.