Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unfinished basement

Doesn't take long around here to fill up with snow! Started last night some time and covered up everything.

Good thing we still have somewhere to drive that jeep!

Walking to work in this doesn't look very fun.. sounded better on paper when I decided not to reinsure my car for the winter.. just park it I said.. sure! I'll walk to work.. it'll be great! What was I thinking?

Dentist today.. first appointment in a long time.. I better not have to get that flouride stuff. I think you only get it when you are a kid but they might get confused when I start playing with the 10cent toys and make me take flouride before taking my rubber ball home... I'll let you all know how it goes.

Ok I know I've asked for hobbies before on here... but I'm really lookin for some good suggestions today ok? This is the situation. I dont like the gym. I would like something active to do with my time. I looked for Rec hockey leagues online but couldn't find anything.. not that I can play hockey particularly well. And swimming is out of the question.. you have to get wet all time. Yoga is for gay men.

Help me find my active activity.. or just any activity for that matter! My choices so far are online poker or video games on the xbox.

Martina says HI.



K-Prime said...

Dude, you're in freakin' Terrace! Take up cross-country skiing! Or snowshoeing!
But, be forewarned, if you take up snowshoeing, I'm totally going to laugh at you.

mari said...

post post post post post post post post

Anonymous said...

why can't my posts be seen?

Anonymous said...

oh, now they can, weird