Monday, April 24, 2006

19 days

The unforgiving masses have finally broken their silence. The pressing heat of flame-laced comments burn my fingers as I reply. too busy? nothing going on in my life? Not good enough. Not good enough they say.
So.. to extinguish the uncomfortable criticism's, I shall update... update my blog.


hey whats up?

Oh not much.. you?

Not much.. just chillin.. bein kool.. you?

Same.. man them canucks sucked it up eh?.....

Pretty much every conversation seems to start this way ( minus the canucks part) but seriously.. how many people are actually just chillin and being kool *or however they may choose to word the same message*

I am not just chillin and being kool. so there.

Lots is going on!


Plans are coming along quite well.. backup plans in case it rains are in the making.. food, music, photography are all coming together.

19 days.


Gently reminders daily seem to creep in unexpectedly causing a gradual realization of how soon the day will be upon us. Where are the clammy hands? the rabid thoughts? the strangling drowning feeling that is 'supposed' to accompany the last few weeks of engagement? The only feelings are.. Anticipation..Euphoria?...sore feet (learnin to dance!) and the excitement of what's to come!


I've been upgrading some things on my car lately.. Having lots of fun doing it.. Go ahead. point and laugh.. he's pimping out his neon.. hehe.. hehe... Well.. It's my neon! And it look sweet.. and as long as it goes better than it looks.. its allll good.

So there.


T has the summer off ( for the most part.) She is volunteering at the UV to do research and has the potential of getting her name published! But.. when not buried in paperwork, numbers and wierd hieroglyphics.. the plan is yard work! Big plans this year so we'll see what comes of them.


I'm well into my new job. It's going well and I'm learning new things most days.. Meetings.. workshops, phone calls and emails.. wohoo..

The child

What is there to say? hmm..


I don't want to.

But dad.


But of course.. as cute as ever and growin like a sprout!

Peece owt.


graceej said...

Thank you. What a nice surprise to not have my senses dulled yet again by lack of changing it up on your part. I appreciate your effort.
Thank you
Good day

thedeviluno said...

Satisfying Report and very good on ya RICE THE CAR PIMP MY BRIDE