Monday, May 29, 2006

Back at Work

So the wedding is over! The honeymoon was great.

In case you're wondering.. no.. I don't feel like writing, I just feel I should....

So anyway.. perhaps i'll write more later.

I go to Kansas City from June 10th-17th for work..

k bi.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

9 days

Seriously I posted that 10 days ago?


Just to get something off my chest now.. K1m. I still owe you the prize for HOWYFM.. since you won.. I havent forgotten.. it's just 4.. 5 months late.

Goooin to mehico!!

Booked our honeymoon vacation today so that ought to be fun, lazing in the sun.. blazing through the waves on personal... wave blazing machines... or something.
Hiking through ruins and swimming with turtles,
swimming with drinks and swimming with chinks.. no thats rude...

Um.. swimming with beer and swimming without fear!
There's no need to be frightened the whole place is lightened.
Sitting on chairs, sitting in pairs.
Staring at the moon, eating ice cream with a spoon..
Do you? Do you, Want to swim?
Should you? Would you, Just on a whim?

I would! I would! I would! I would!
Can I? May I, go swimming with beer, without fear
not really frightened cause the WHOLE place is lightened,
Could I? Could I, sit on the chairs? Oh please tell me I can sit in pairs!
I'd like to, I want to! Swim on on a whim!
Swimming! Swimming! Swim! Swim! Swim!!

wow that was random.

The wedding is coming and tensions are mounting,
Only Nine days, but who's really counting.

Ok I gotta stop.. seriously.


P owt.