Friday, April 07, 2006


So it all happened.

Got the new job.. 2 raises. and started the road to a pimped out neon. Hey.. at least its MY pimped out neon.

So I have been transistioning into the new job here, official start date is monday when I'll be thrown head first to the mouse eating centipede pit (
Looks to be challenging and exciting, a new project with a new desk and all that jazz. I can now wander down the street to beloved Timmy's or stop by amigo's for a taco without organizing a field trip.

The wedding is coming fast.. if you havent rsvp'd and are coming.. please do so soon or you won't get any snacks. Ha.


rayban68 said...

If Dustin and Steph have not RSVPeed, this is me doing it for their lazy asses.

graceej said...

u'r blog used to be one of the highlights of my day, now it SUCKS!!!!