Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A bit different

As I settle into my new life, some notable things are starting to show through the clearing dust. I've been keeping mental tabs on them and thought I should write them down so you all can understand a little more what it is like here.

List O things that are whack yo.

1. The online paper is updated once a week max.

2. The internet companies have poor websites (no pricing or anything??) You'd think they would be 'cutting edge' but I had to email the cable/internet company for prices.

3. No information online about this freakin town. I have to actually look in the phone book to get information!

4. Roads randomly stop and start.
You'll be driving along and the road comes to an intersection where you can only turn left or right.. If you continue straight through for a block ( through houses and lawns) the road picks up again.. same name and everything! Wieeerd man.

5. People are nice.

So as you can imagine.. It's going to take some adjusting, some getting used to, but I think in the end it will all be worth it.

We are getting excited as there is only 3 more sleeps until we get our new house! Can't wait to wash walls, clean bathrooms and bleach every visible surface in the whole house! Yay! (isn't that neat how house! worked out to be exactly the same on three lines without house! trying? Ok.. so maybe i MADE it happen the 3rd time...

We've been playing with a virtual house painting program and are close to deciding what colors we want, it also lets you color the furniture in the room, the trim, pretty much anything you want.. So now we have to buy all new furniture, side tables, window coverings etc as we have created 'dream rooms' and must have them!
M is doing really good, started her ballet yesterday and came home skipping and 'airplane flying'. I will post pics to the other site linked here

Work is good, I'm getting organized and settled. Starting to slowly get into the nursing wards and infiltrate their IT barriers that are strategically placed and heavily fotified. Alas, i forsee a long battle here in the trenches.. send in the snackwiches so I don't go hungry.

Peece Owt

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GraceeJ said...

there are nice people there? weird...maybe they just have something to hide