Friday, June 02, 2006

Yay for Random concerts!

So last I end up at the Playhouse.


So why did I go to the playhouse on a thursday night at 8pm? A concert! 5 bands in 4 hours, the biggest name being.... da da daaahhh..

Tal Bachman.

Seriously! He's up there singing 'She's sooo hieeeiiieiigh, high above me" and I'm thinkin.. this is that Tal Bachman dude on the radio!! So sure it's not particularly my choice of tunes.. but still kool.

A band you should all check out (if you're a rock'n'roller) is

I bought their shirt.

Yea they rocked out pretty hard.. jumpin on the speakers and shredding in the aisles and all that.. good times.

Hey Bro, Hope Mehico is being good to you!

peace Owt


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