Monday, July 31, 2006


Exciting news to be shouted from on high! My wonderful wife is with child! Just early on, into the 7th week or so and coming along nicely. Big sister is quite anxious to see the new baby and help with whatever she can!

Remember Honey; Madonna said: "I'm not interested in being Wonder Woman in the delivery room. Give me drugs"
I think I'll probably say the same thing!

Other things happening ...

Th3 K1m is leaving us. Not just leaving us for a short time.. a little trip or short journey, soon to return and regale us with mighty tales of her travels to the infinite abyss.. but she is moving.

Moving far away to where the night never sleeps.. the music never stops, away from the cozy comfort of this small, safe.. nightsleeping.. music stopping.. village. And now.. an Ode to the kim

Ode to Kim-o-thy

The kim, the kim arst thou really going?
Why now? When that car needs some towing!
On with your travels, from far to nigh!
Those closest to you, fell they might cry.

The kim The kim, don't be afraid!
We know you can conquer!
Your new life is now made.

From then to now, from old to new
Don't forget, which friends are true.
Whenever you're lonely or sad,
or just in need of a hug
Feel free to give my sleeve a tug.

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