Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Terrace is still here, so are we.. Getting ready for a few visits in the near future! Jay and Resse will be here near the end of the week and then mommy and daddy come on sunday!

Martina had a CT scan today as they think it is her adenoids affecting her sleep and breathing, it will be nice to have that all figured out. She performed excellently and was well deserving of her celibratory A&W.

Not much else to share, one of my 2 friends in town is moving to penticton Friday, so it will be just Uncle Claus and I for poker now!
Tamara is doing wonderful and her belly confirms she is definatley pregnant!
Spending my working time in Kitimat for the next little while and have already been enjoying myself there! The staff is eager to learn and easy to please as they are not used to having anyone come out there to help!

This freakin post is majorly disjointed and would be incredibly more so if I hadn't tried to semi-organize the words in my head into sentances.


Peece Owt

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I found a sack of baby spiders on my deck railing yesterday.

My mind kicks into high gear, racing to react without screaming. I clear my throat to get my heart out and back away slowly towards the back door of the house. Once inside I scan the shelves searching for the box with the big nasty spider on it. Next to the box is a half full spray bottle.. Spider Ban. sweet. Now the box has all these signs that mean toxic and poisenous, use gloves blah blah blah. No time. I grap the bottle and start shooting as I leave the doorframe sending little orange babies to their writhing grave. I think I got most of them... but I wonder about the few that got away, somewhat altered from the noxious fumes. Perhaps they will become super spiders that eat through windows and climb on your face while you sleep.

I hope not.