Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Same..Same but different.

So I got a new job!
Well.. a new term anyway! My term was to run out on Feb 1st but I was offered another year on the phones as someone got put on a different project, openening up a position for me!
So this is good. Lose job bad. Keep job good.

Basically what it means is I'll still have time to drop by the ol blogger once in a while and treat you all to a spandacular display of pseudohomophones like 'barc dahgi barc' or 'tern off tha mewsic its herting my brane.'

(pseudohomophones are non-words that sound like words eg. Bloo... in case you missed that..)

And now, for my first time ever..

The sewdohomofone stori.

Once Upon a time... Thare was mylz and mylz of hawt swhis peeple eeting nyse cleen toona. They were so braiv that the boans soked in a droar for munths before they were aten. Wun dey, a hyer klass swhis man swoar he cood pwn the noobs and bern the hedj thay lived in. So he took a stroal and seaked out the tule hoo challenged him. He made it to the foart and getting in was a breaz! He jsut walked rite in! In a phlash noobs were on him like mawths, it was all he cood do to hoald on! Then lyke a wyld coalt he swung the ehj of his sword as he backed into a feeld. He was nocked to the flore and hurt his pryd.. but one more phlash and my Jimminy he was fyne! His sword swung to teh toon of hapi dayz and his gaim was on! dryv after dryv he punished the noobs until he could swing no mohr. A small dawt formed in his eye as teh last noob phell. He was in a precarious stait, he coold barley gyde himself to terhn the door handel and he helled on for a wyle.. resting on that spawt..
Man, I think I'll gawlf tomoro... he thot in his mynd. Then fell doun and hert his sholder.
Teh nects dai... his wyfe was a bit angry and mayd him stai and play hoest for teh wyne and chease party on their bote! He was layt and to say the leest his wyfe was not nyse when she spawted him. He maid it better wen he helled her hand.

So teh moral of the stori is if u hold yore wyfe's hand. Everything will be ok.

Teh end

Monday, December 19, 2005



6 days

Till christmas..

I was thinking of posting everything that I got for people on here.. then everyone's presents wouldn't be a surprise anymore and that would be funny..
Like my blog entry was the 'unwrapping' of your present. hehe

But then I didn't.

So I'm all ready for christmas.. well pretty much. A few loose ends that need tying up. .the whole rest of the work week.. few presents.. gotta put the lights up outside still.. But for the most Part I'm done.. like.. um.. nothing I guess.
But I started lots!

Its gonna be a busy week, guess I better get started!

Wait, That post would be pretty pointless if I stopped there.

There.. thats better...


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Updated Helpdesk How-To


H - Hold phone away from your ear while client screams, cries and blames you and only you for all there problems
E - Examine the issue as she blabbers on about every problem she has ever had with her computer
L - Look at your phone and make sure you are Muted
L - Laugh until your gut hurts
O - Open Outlook and sort email by "Received"
So ho ho,
A little update.

One of the main guys at the helpdesk got a job in the "CIS" project. Its like CIS but better.

Better because now I have a good opportunity to move into a 'permanent' position here at our beloved Authority of the Health of the North. Probably be on the phones for a while, which is ok as it gets more tolerable as the months progress. It's all relative really. Related to something I'm sure. Really. Relationship between it and something esle.

Christmas is coming!

Christmas IS coming. whether you like it or not.. before too long itll be time to start shopping and finding the cheapest bestest looking POC in the mall to buy for your loved ones. This year ought to be lots of fun though, Gonna have ona T's best friends in town on the 14th-19th, her parents shortly after (yay!) And then it'll be christmas! And that means drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Different drinks! like tea and coffee! and milk and juice and rum and eggnog and stuff!

Easy Breezy as Bryan just said. Easy Breezy.

That pretty much explains the frame of mind we have here at the helpdesk.
I've decided to FS it up.


Laugh at the client
Pee your Pants

Hang up
Almost die giggling.
Wait for the next call.

That pretty much sums up the helpdesk training.

I guess I should get back to it.

See you on the flip side.