Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bear Lake

For some reason I felt like writing today, I don't actaully have anything of importance to say... Perhaps we could chat about deep things that perplex even the greatest minds and come to some great conclusion like the number.. 42 or something. The ordinary would seem extraordinary! what a peculiar and quaint idea, rugged yet tame! Don't laugh now! I'm serious. If we actually sat there and thought for a while I'm sure we could accomplish something. Something to be proud of.. my mind just got bored with this line of writing.

Ah the summer is here, still haven't made it out to Bear lake, and T hasn't ever been there so it's a must this season. I like to stop at crooked river and toss the line in for a few bites and be on my way to soak up the yelling children and smokey, plastic bag burning firepits.. to feel the pine needles and sharp gravel sting my feet as I run for the frisbee, carving an erratic path through the scattered trees. The view of overpriced, cheap paddleboats that leak water in (which is why the lifejackets are manditory) sticks in my mind and the bathrooms smell like.. the bathrooms at Bear Lake, which are in fact, filled with mosquito eaters and daddy longlegs. Seems the strong odours attract certain creatures while keeping others away. (I havent seen any moose or deer in the bathroom.. must be the odour)
The lake is not large, big enough to have 2 beaches but in less than an hour one can paddle themselves across on a beach toy, which was always fun to do.. sun beating down on your back, the odd cloud bringing relief... Water, I remember we always forgot to bring a drink on the trek across the lake and upon reaching the far side, the dash was on to the closest water tap, boys wrestling and tripping.. the faster ones getting a quick taste before the rest crashed in.
Around the whole lake is a path, well worn and comfortable. We used to bike it when camping there for a few days, meeting other campers and scouting for friends. Various undergrowth and roots made for some great jumps and bumps.. which usually led to bruises and lumps!
Nonetheless we never tired of it, the endless, lazy days.. lacking all responsibilty and time. Our stomachs were our clock, dictating when we met for a meal or snack.
No worries, cares or other nasty words lived there, only fun, sun and other good words.


rayban68 said...

no-one comments on your blog. you should get better friends...

so never been to bear lake means never seen squaw (native woman?) lake either?? wack. wack diddy wack wack jack attack.

K-Prime said...

I wanna go to Bear Lake! I haven't been there in forever! Invite me, invite me!
...just because I don't like the water doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beach. :D