Monday, September 04, 2006

Up and Down and Up again

Referring to life in general at the moment, life has been up and down and back up again. Some subjects are just not easily approachable on a blog.. N0netheless, those who I care about know whats up! So its all good.

But back up again and movin on, the house has passed inspection and the bank has cleared the financing! We decided to sell the PG house, as we would need to remortgage for a downpayment on the new house and get some high interest rates in the process.
So, PG house is on the market, look for the mls listing (should be up tomorrow) if you are lookin to buy.

Not much else to report other than we are quite happy with the move so far and are glad to be exploring new things together as a family. Mostly been spending our time at the river, or lake.. or ocean.. :)

Only one response to the end of september invite so far! I'll send out a more formal invite (with dates and whatnot.. no that does not mean i will supply your date.. I'm referring to a 'calender date' .. sheesh) closer to the end of the month once we are a bit settled.

Peece owt.

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GraceeJ said... one commented on this blog yet. I got your back :) I am starting to miss you. It started out with what seemed to be gas, and then it turned into this achy feeling like something was missing from my diet...turns out it was all you! Can't wait to come see the place!!! Maybe if we come soon enough we can all golf the terrace course :)