Monday, October 31, 2005


The Hermit Card
You are the Hermit card. The Hermit has chosen a
solitary spiritual path. He shines light on his
inner self and, by this means, gains wisdom.
The Hermit's home is the natural world and it
is by being in tune with that world that he
learns the laws of nature and learn how they
operate within himself. His path is a lonely
one as he lives in silence and has for
companionship only his own internal rhythms.
But those crossing his path are touched by his
light and wisdom. Though often alone, he
manages nevertheless to instruct those who meet
him and guides those who chose to follow him on
a path towards enlightenment. Image from The
Aleister Crowley Tarot deck.

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K1m a job for you!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

My life... Rated

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7
Mind: 7
Body: 7.6
Spirit: 5.8
Friends/Family: 6.2
Love: 7.7
Finance: 7.4
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My phone

This is my phone. I see it all day.

THought I would share that with you.


haha! suckers..
I'm not busy.. I got you..

Sad story

OK. so yesterday I watched the canucks and they got pwned hard and was really sad bcause it was #44's glorious return to colorado and he kept getting boo'd and everyone was really mean to him and plus they lost so it must have sucked BIG time for Bert.
I'm super busy today but had to tell you that sad story.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rraww. Im the angry Blog

I feel like I owe my Blog a post.. but I really have nothing to write about.. The last few days I've went to work.. went home to my lovely family. Pretty much watched tv and thats about it.. Last night T and I studied for a midterm, and I learned that Buffon was the guy who belived in uniformaterialismisticationer. or something. So that was good, hopefully she does good on her test tday..
I took my break at 12:30 today and decided to go for a little walk. I made it around the school to the playground and sat on a swing, careful to ensure no spots would soil by bottom as that would cause embarrasment later on in the day. I stayed on that swing for 40 minutes at least, just swinging.. thinking of really nothing.. looking at the same boring houses and the same boring hill with the same boring trees that are dying. Then I came back inside.. and it was 12:42.... I really gotta find something to do on my breaks.. work is boring enought without adding an hour of extra bleh in the middle.

I tend to bide my time by blog-surfing between calls, staring at the sailboat card on my desk and taking pot shots with the aging nerf guns at random employees that happen to look at me wrong. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time on that gridlock game.. where you gotta get the blue brick outta the box but I got bored after a while and went back to blogsurfing. I learned how to do something new today at work.. but it was too easy and I'm already done..

Notta lotta stufftado.

Thats the general idea here.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


When I had my hat on yesterday a lady came in and asked for paper.. I ignored her like I was on the phone because there was this huge paper hat with pen writing about no aliens on it. Was kind of embarrasing but kinda funny too.. hopefully she isnt my boss someday...

Monday, October 24, 2005


I made a hat today that said aliens with circle around it and a line through it.

No aliens.


It was the Wee one's Bday party this weekend, and much preparation went into ensuring it was up to her expectations...

Elegant cakes, deluctable dips and an excellent spread of tasty treats prepared by me really brought the party together.. the oustanding decorations were tastefully displayed in a ccoreagraphed visual symphony, impressing the most critical of 3 year olds... OK fine.. It was more m'lady then me.. but I helped! I blowed up some baloonses and whatnot..
The small child thoroughly enjoyed herself and landed a pretty sweet stash this past sunday, dolls and ponies, dresses and appliances, shoes and swimming wear to list a few. Books and bears, crayons and clips, stickers and slippers and even some clothes.
She crashed pretty hard after the big day of partying and so did the 3 year old. :)

The reno's

Finally got most of the reno's done.. The trim is up, just have to fill in the huge messups with glue stuff and then paint! The last wall is almost done.. needs primed and painted and then I can sit back and.. decide what to fix next.. Quite happy with the mostly-finished results.


Sunday morning, I'm at the balloon store with the small child, waiting in line to get some baloons for her party. Strangly busy for sunday at 11am but I guess lots of kids were born in october or something.. The lady in front of us was having a rather extravegant boquet made up and when finished the 'baloon lady' (for lack of a better name) asked if she was done 'hmm' says the customer. So my child turns around and says in her 'quiet voice' -which is slightly less than a dull roar in these situations- 'Daddy, the lady said huh and she was supposed to say pardon me!' So of course the lady turns red and apologizes, 'Oh no.. its ok ma'am..' ' Good manners honey!'

Hmm.. looks like it might be slow today.. perhaps I'll have time to tell the 'real' story of what I did this weekend.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Appreciate. Appreciate the appreciation in the market today.
I do.

Depreciation is a nasty, nasty dirty little bugger though.

My house is worth more than I paid.

My car is worth less than i paid.

Granted..It evens out quite nicely in my favour..
Enough of this nattering...

Props to k1m who brought it today. She is a badbum mother-trucker who dont take no spit from nobody....

cooool runnins!!!

My writing is choppy today to reflect my thoughts. Scattered and sporadic.. Hardly thinking on one thing for more than a moment. although! I did find the time to link to imdb to explain my random comments...

A think a vacation is in order. Perhaps Mehico.. or bahamas.. probably hixon or quesnel if we really get goin.. Feels like I'd like to get outta town though..

I do. Have internet at home once again.. So thats new. And Shall be in contact more frequently with those whom I desire to interact digitally with. Check them sketchy english skillz.

To bring some content to my posts it sometimes takes me hours to write a full section (not because I'm slow in the head) Mainly because I'm working at the time.. In effect my writing style may change from sentance to sentance with my mood at the time! I would ask you not think of me as schitzophrenic.. only busy.. and slightly random.. actually.. Think of me what you will! And then let me know.. feedback. good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mystical Linguistic

There was a point in my life where big words were it. Every Day I would get online and lookup my big word of the day and change my msn name to it, becoming sort of a 'tradition'. Perhaps this is too strong a word for it.. 'expected reoccurance'?. Regardless, it dawned upon my simple mind today that I wasn't doing it anymore! and I missed it. People would ask me what the big word meant and it usually initiated good conversation that on one occasion brought me much closer to a particular individual who now resides with me. Granted it wasn't the only thing that brought us together.. hormones and..fate..?? perhaps had some say in the matter. Anyhow I've decided that from time to time as my heart so desires, I will find a big word and will post it online! I will expect some intellectual conversation to be kickstarted from it! To be clear, Im not looking to find another soulmate, rather just something to pass the time whilst I twiddle my thumbs, waiting for the next 'ever-s0-important' phone call that could get someones smiley faces back into email circulation. In fact I'm going searching right now.

Hmm.. Lets start with a favorite.


How could this be relevant you might ask? perhaps with a little.. alot of stretch in your imagination you could tie in things that have been happening lately to the meaning of this word.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Bryce added: "This is the big one."

Some people will achieve great things in life. People like Alex Bryce.

Speaking of sick!

The last three days.

On my back. Darkness has overtaken me, I am unable to think. Head swims and simple requests become irratating and seem impossible to carry out. Middle of the night, thick dull aching replaces my eyes and robs me of rest. Steam. Cold cloth. Drugs. I can't sleep.

Light shines through but only for a moment as the canucks take the stars 5-3. Perhaps more relief will come tuesday night as they face off against the blackhawks..

Seriously tho. There is no hiding from this monster. Keep your children indoors. Your drapes drawn and hands washed. It took out my father, who had to miss a day of work. The last time he missed work it was because he crushed his heel when i was 9. Be afeered. be very afeered.

The small child was sick the last few weeks but she is feeling much better now, her birthday come and gone, presents still arriving daily. Now I'm glad we didnt play her bday party up for her as it had to be postponed.. Come He double-hockey sticks or high H2O its gonna be thiss weekend !

Thursday, October 13, 2005


The young child is sick.. SHe has bronchitus an ear infection and an eye infection therefore... no oc. no birthday party. no happiness. Perhaps the 'Nuckers will play better on friday tho.

Friday, October 07, 2005


The sun glints off shards of glass as I pick my way through the cement jungle, sounds and smells of the city keep me occupied as nine-fivers scuttle by unaware of the things that go on around them. Im dressed smartly, suit and tie, black shoes and my zellers shades. Before ducking into the alley I check my six to make sure I'm alone. I take a second, straighten my tie and brush the dust off my shoe. The briefcase is locked, carrying the reason for my early morning appearance.

As I approach the 2nd building I can see the door is half open on the upper balcony, this must be it. I control my thoughts as I step up the rickety staircase on the outside of the rundown apartment complex. Breathing steadily my eyes dart back and forth through the opening, searching for any hint of a setup. As I enter the room I step to the left and set down the briefcase.

He sits in the shadows, top hat situated perfectly and cane dangling from his wrist, his eyes not giving away the secrets locked inside. I didnt expect this to say the least, with the way the job went last night, A guy like this gives me the impression he would know his east from west. I remove my sunglasses and hide them away inside my jacket, my hand brushing the .45 on it's way out reminding me of darker days. "You got it out ok?" His voice is raspy, like someone who smokes more than breathes. "You got my money?" My voice is even, despite the adrenaline filling my stomach. "Ten large, small bills, You can count it if you like"

"I know where to find you" I reply boldly.

Wind blowes throught the door bringing in the fall chill, silence strangles the air, making it hard to hear..He shoves a dufflebag across the floor and I pick it up, eyes never leaving him, and cautiosly unzip, just 6 inches or so. I'm satisfied and back out of the room, he nods and I'm gone.



So. .. Lots has happened since my last blogging expirience..

My weekend went good, I got to hang out with the small child as well as some good family time. Saturday night I went out.. Seriously! no really I did! ok.. hey! Quit laughing. Ok so its rare.. and I realized why I dont go out that much.
Cause its.. kinda dumb. We ended up at the rum Jungle. I left after half an hour. I actually have nothing else to say about it. Just bleh.
But sunday! Sunday was golf day! I went golfing with my bro and man was it fun! I havent golfed much so I'm no Wiger Toods or what's his name. But I did alright! We played 27 holes and I par'd 5 of them (It's a par3 course up at Alder Hills there) So when the opportunity came on wednesday I jumped on it. well whacked it.. well.. whatever you do when you take the chance to golf whenever it comes up. And I actually better'd my game! Yea. so I found my hobby.. Thank you all for your input and suggestions but Golfing won.. it really did. O and I've decided to collect swords and daggars as they are kool.


So this past week I've had a change of pace at work. Monday Tuesday I was at HSBC (corporate office) working desktop support. It was nice to get out and remove some bigwigs PERSONAL PRINTERS! what a way to start hey? Imagine..

Your kind of nervous, first day on the new assignment dressed up and ready to reboot some computers.
*ahem.. *ahem. Ok so I've sent you a ticket.. As you can see there is a list of printers here that people have. Since we have recieved and installed the new xerox machines we must remove the personal laserjet's and direct everyone to communal printers. Oh and people might snap on you. **
So I purposly and confidently stride into my first 'printer removal' scenario in an open area, just down the hall from our command centre.. where 6 HR ladies work.
'Hi there, I see you have the new xerox printer here, can you all print ok to it?'
"well yes. But we dont like to. We print to the laser printer, its faster and we will die without it.'
Well.. Um.. unfortunately I do have to remove the laser printer, we have a contract with Xerox so we are unable to continue supporting the hp printers.'
So as quickly as possible I remove the hp and hobble down the hall past death glares and sneering lips, Im actually scared. Every time I walk past that side of the building my heart speeds up and then races as they point and jeer. 'Thats the new guy who stole our printer,. jerk!!'.. ok so they really weren't that mean, and my boss did help coordinate some of the printer removals but like i said before.. change of pace.

Then it was off to PGRH, moving computers, patching network closets and fixing printers. I definatley enjoyed it there and get to go back next wed-friday. The cafeteria was kind of like goin back to high school though.. where do you sit? there's the IT group, strangly not super geeky and mostly outgoing fun people, the nurses - getting old and tired of al ' this crap' and some minority groups and lone straglers.. the odd patient or visiting comrad. Thankfully IT is a welcoming group and I didnt have to go sit in the rain or anything. Maybe once they get to know me I'll have to spend a little more time on my own......

After golf on Wednesday there was hockey!

Oh How I love thee, my beautiful game
Your ice is cold, and your players have fame
I cannot believe it, how much i missed you
I did not forget you, to the cup I stayed true.
The strike, the anger., many nights I was sad
But now that you're back, I am SO glad.
The shot and the save, the hit and the crunch
I am excited and love you a bunch!!.

Then there was OC.

without oc.
THe usual- OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS>. seriously a freaking spider just landed right in front of me. that was GAH. RWAAAAG- fun times started around 7 or so, a half oc night per- say under 8 people, which lately has been the norm, showed up and started cooking. At around quarter to 8 I fire up the ol TV box and browse my way to the.. thee.. where is the OC K1m? 'Its um not on tonite'
OC night without oc?
brutal.. So we watch some show about some kid who loses his 'superpowers' and has to be a 'real live boy' or something.. I think it was pinhoccio or pinohciiiioooo or smallville or something.. i dunno..

And so my life goes on.. and of course since the show was shut down around 11ish ( am i getting old its nice when people leave early now) I had to finish my job I started last week...

dah dah daaaaahhhh..........