Monday, August 14, 2006


Q.Whats worse than having nothing to write about?

A. Not feeling like writing when you have something to write about!

But ok..

I was offered the job of NW Project Coordinator for the Nursing Technology Support Team.
Swiftly moving me about 10 steps up the corporate ladder. So needless to say really, I accepted! Before long I'll be packing up my little family and charging off towards the ocean in search of adventure, a little solitude and bit more money!

We aren't exactly sure when the big move is happening, within 2 weeks I suspect, as I already have some appointments setup in terrace on the 28th. I'll be sure to keep you updated as we go along discovering the little tidbits of information that will form the mosaik we call our 'new' life.

"How we live our days, is of course, how we live our lives"

1 comment:

rayban68 said...

wohoo! terrace, where this is lots of.. well.. uhm.. WOHOOO

anyways congrats bro.