Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So the Invitations are out.. mostly anyway.. still need to send out the paper ones to old people who dont have internet.
Don't feel bad if you weren't invited.. if you feel you should be but weren't drop us a line at ptweddingbells@gmail.com and we'll consider it.. or apologize for forgetting about you!

The new word of the day is 'rident' (RYD-uhnt) adjective
Laughing; cheerful.

How fun is that? Super fun! thats right. super fun!

So I was gonna do a DoMeStIc DiSpUtEs section today but it seemed really lame.. lamer than most of my blog.. which really is quite an accomplishment if you think about it.. whats really funny is you are reading this and its lame! HAh! What are you doing? hit alt+f4! do it! Pff. You have no life. Read the news or something.. just look away.. doooo it...


hehe.. you are still reading.

Well.. what else to update on? I;m working on a family website with all sorts of pics and whatnot so that should be up soon... Well.. I;m as bored as you are so... peece owt.



rayban68 said...

wth dood? i liek hit teh alt-f4 and liek noething happenz? It liek totally crashis teh intanet tho??? lawl thas so wack but anyways lets go find some of these n00bis or wahtever lawl lawl we can pwn them liek and stuff?

Zanitram said...

Omfgawd Kyle! Seriously I'm liek dood and your like wat? and i'm liek, Idiot! teh intanat crashes itslef you noob, lawl lawl.

graceej said...

you guys are so related

thedeviluno said...

So Im pumped about this wedding. Bachelor parties....oooh baby, we are gonna kill a hooker and make a secret pact never to tell anyone about it. Oh the fun we will have.