Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mr Morka

Tired hinges creak and echo through the workshop as I step inside Mr. Morka's lair. The Russian engineer is hard to understand but apparently knows his stuff, so we put up with the gutteral G's and the neverending V words ( vas is dees? My GGGrandma vould do dis verk betta!)
Just as I had suspected the shop is empty so I move quickly to where the keys are stored. An electrical panel with a false backing that unlocks by flipping the right sequence of breakers is all that stands in my way now. 62748902. The door opens and I pump the air like I just made a 42 foot putt for birdie. 'The old code still works' I laugh internally with a smile on my face.

"Vat de Hell are you doink?" A voice booms from behind me.
"Uh, Security check" I smoothly reply (stammer) to the short round man as I start to sweat.
Mr Morka narrows his eyes and then a like a light coming on he chortles: "Dat vladimir! E is a sneaky one eh! Alvays checkink on me!"
I join in the laughter and slam the panel shut and slap Mr Morka on the back. "You guessed it Mr M. you guessed it.." My hands are still shaking and I wonder why I don't just tell the truth.
"Do you know vere everyvone is today?"
"I was about to ask you the same question"
"Dere is only vone tink ve can do. Ve Must call in de professional!"
"I'm not sure we need your sharpshooter brother just yet, let's just try to find out whats going on ok?"

I leave Mr Morka and slip into the dimly lit hallway, determined to find out what is going on. The smell of bleach was overpowering when he had entered the room, and I suspect he may have something to do with why the hospital is so quiet today.


GraceeJ said...

He killed everyone and was cleaning up all that blood with bleach, right? am I right?

Zanitram said...

I don't know.. I just left his workshop...