Friday, September 30, 2005

You mean you weren't volunteering?

So I didn't get paid today.. and i was supposed too.. That changes my mood significantly.

P no likey the bouncy buncha payments.... To finish off my absolutly great morning I forgot the carseat in my car today.. which effectivly traps my girls at home! Dodgram crap I tell ya...

To soothe my mind I shall report to you my night out...

The thin space between the bushes provides me with a place to gather myself before continuing on. My heart beats steadily, adrenaline pumping through my viens sharpening my vision and strengthening my purpose.

2 houses down, thats the place, slowly now!

The tiny slit in the fabric allows me to methodically scan my surroundings, the street is quiet.. no movement. I crouch behind the sedan parked in the driveway in front of the garage and wait.. five.. then seven minutes. Time passes slowly and my legs start to cramp. When I'm confident I'm alone I slip down the side of the garage into the backyard and onto the deck. Quietly I unwrap the small towel from around my arm and cover the light bulb over my head, with a quick tap the yard darkens and I'm invisible again.
The basement door is slightly ajar, a small poker chip wedged into the hinge as planned. As I enter the basement I flash my penlight across the old furniture and expensive paintings and carefully, silently I pick my way to the west end, where it should be.

But its not.

My heartrate increases, I switch off my light, my breath seems to echo loudly in the room as my head starts to swim. Concentrate! I find a spot under the stairs to hide in the darkness an pull out my blackberry.
-Exhibit not present. Awaiting instructions-
I wait for a reply, the backlighting subsides after 30 seconds, I make a mental note to change that annoying setting. Strange thoughts cloud my mind as the cold seeps into my black cargo pants as I sit on the cement floor beneith the carpeted stairs. What went wrong? the Door was set, no other signs of someone anticipating my entry, waiting to catch me in the act.
-got east and west mixed up. sorry-
How proffesional.
I quickly crawl through the stairs underpass and across the far side of the room, until I reach the far wall, directly across from where I came in. Once I feel it in my hands I set down my backpack and carefull place the object into the custom-made case. Perfect fit. I'll deliver it tomorrow.

This sure beats answering phones.


thedeviluno said...

Are you fucking James Bond now dog?

Zanitram said...

Wait and see.. wait and see.. Oh and this is a 'family blog' so curb the profanities :P

K-Prime said...

Methinks working for NHA is starting to make you a little wacky in the head...are you sure I should apply? :P

Zanitram said...

Its making me busy this week too! Lots to report.. I work friday on the call centre so I'll prolly update then!