Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Whats new.. hmm

Paint.. pretty much what I've been doing lately. Painting :)

House is starting to look good though, its nice to finally have colour in the house.. no more sanity swallowing white. I think for a while I'm going to pretend I know how to write. Hey! I'm writing!! Life is good,


Thats what's been going on with me. Lots of change. Good changes mind you! New love, new job, not dishing out ungodly amounts of money for diapers!! To sit back and look at myself over the last year lots of change has happened, but strangly not regretting anything major! Which is nice for a change! hehe.


Thanks to the wonderful Ms Ritchie, there are now numerous oxygen excreting, water eating children adapting to their new habitat.. my humble abode. I think it transforms my little house into a home.. that and the nice piano I've inherited from my mother. (no she hasen;t died, just planning on moving so the 'rents are downsizing their collection of earthly posessions)

The child

MY little gaffer is growing tremendously. Doing her whatnot on the 'potty' (most of the time) and starting to get a little attitude. What I've been told is she's 'testing her boundries' which is sometimes interesting/entertaining/frustrating! All in all I think people without kids don't know what living is! (but that may just be a proud daddy talking!) It's quite entertaining to hear her speak.. an example: " why daddy?..oh ya dont say why.. NO.. oh ya don't say no.. poo.. oh ya dont say poo.. pee!. oh.. dont say pee.. be quiet! oops. dont say be quiet.." It seems she's not allowed to say anything she wants to!! She's 2 and.. hmm. almost 10 months now! wow.. doesnt take long.

Going on a trip soon!. Get to spend one wonderful week on the road visiting old family and new! Tamara ( the introduced Wonderful Ms Ritchie) Martina (the child) and I are packing the wagon and heading east. The plan is to head to kamloops for a day (perhaps) then continue on to Canmore (where T's sister Tanya and boyfriend Tyler reside). Then on to Calgary to visit Carmen and Jeremiah (Martina's aunt and uncle!) Off to a wedding in some place in saskatchewan (people still live on the plains?) And to visit Danielle in Eston for a day or so!. Pretty excited as its been a number of years I've been on a vacation for a vacation.. not another fun trip to a hospital in Van for some random reason..

Alas i've rambled on.. although.. if you are bored there's this fancy keyboard trck. HOld down alt and press f4! The window has closed! No more boredom!!


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