Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Trippity Trip Hop

It's been awhile** (stole that from staind)


Ahh the trip.


So we started out after 5 that tuesday, me with the lead foot made it to canmore in about 6 hours.. O the intoxicating beauty of clear rivers and sun-bathed mountain ranges! I seriously considered relocating there, perhaps opening up a little computer shoppe? Was nice to see tanya again (tamara's sister) and met her significant other- Tyler. Overall we had alot of fun and didnt want to leave!.


The next day we mosied into cowboy country to see my beloved sister and her hubbie. While in calgary we went to the calgary zoo (all sorts of fun stuff, I'll post pics when i get around to it) Ikea, and Jeremiah took us out to a nice little sushi shop where we stuffed our cakeholes with raw fish. mmm deliciouso as dora would say.


You wanna talk about a slow way of life? holy moley.
After driving straight for a number of hours we hit a bump. It was sweet.

ok so there was a i little more to it than that, an exciting electrical storm, met some inlaws ( ok they arent quite inlaws yet but u get the picture) Saw danielle!! was fun times all around


We went to edmonton! Saw T's parents, hit the west ed! Martina had the time of her life at Galaxy land with Gwanpa Bruce and Gwamma Gail. Tamara and I walked around the mall for a few hours and ended up with a belt and a small gift for my bro.. (noone feel left out.. it just grabbed my attention ok!) Oh and we ate at a pita place. was good.

Then it was back to calgary for dinner with the sis ( oh and how deluctable it was (is that a word? (can you keep putting little comments into little comments?))) Martina enjoyed some quality time with Auntie and UNcle before we headed to CANMORE for another night and a full day of exploring the back alleys and dark basements of the quaint little town. Part of the day we spent there was looking at HUGE houses up on the hills.. We're talking half a million dollar houses to multi-million dollar houses.. which is why I've rethunk my relocation plans until I can concieve a feasable plot to weasel the rich poeple out of ungodly amounts of money so I can have a nice big house too!!

Home sweet Home

Ahh. so since we've been home a few things have happened to.. Things i shall perhaps leave for a better time ( never know what sneaky's are prowling about on the internet) dodgam little sneakers. (kim you got my back on this one?)

Ah well I guess this all goes back to the selfish use of company resources, as I dont have internet at home atm and am of course, writing this at work once again..

HEhe. I dont really have anything eslse to say. cept i still feel like writing..
YOu need to check this webpage KIM STARTED kind of funny

P out.

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