Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ever eat like a king?
I have.

One of my bestest most wonderful friends in the whole wide world cooked me dinner again tonite. J.

Pork tenderloin with a mushroom bacon gravy sauce, steamed broccoli and baby potatoes bbq'd to perfection. A nice white shiraz to taste and royalty I am.

Today was crazy.

My boss is gone to vancouver, and I've just started this new job as a technical consultant for a networking firm. Today I had to recover a server for a large law firm without any info kind of flying by the seat of my pants. (which is just hard ok!) So after 3 and a half hours I managed to drag the mechanical bear out of its hibernation and come out on top looking like I knew what i was doing. Then it was off to the next site where I did my first Network walkthrough. Basically You have to map out the client site and take note of any major and minor network needs that will be taken into account in the network design phase. This is quite important as quotes are based upon what I write down. ( a leeetle stressful for never having done before)
Enuph wining tho.
Aside from the hectic day and delicious recovery I have more to report! Last night shall be deemed a 'deep cleaning' night. Tamara and I were up until 2am cleaning out closets and rooms and stocking old useless items that for some reason MUST be kept, into the shed. I wonder how many times I need to relocate items until they are deemed useless and finally thrown out? I'm thinkin 4. heh. man I'm funny.


So tonight its going to be more.. you guessed it! painitng!! I'm super excited. I think I;m a little nervous tho.. I mean.. painting? on the wall! where people will see?? Ok. I guess I'm not THAT funny.. I do crack myself up tho... This one time, I was like OMG its blue! hehehe. yea.. just had to be there...

Little one.

The little one had a crappy day.
Now she's sleeping.

When words stop coming its time to stop forcing the literary diareah via the 104 key standard.
Peece owt.

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