Friday, October 07, 2005



So. .. Lots has happened since my last blogging expirience..

My weekend went good, I got to hang out with the small child as well as some good family time. Saturday night I went out.. Seriously! no really I did! ok.. hey! Quit laughing. Ok so its rare.. and I realized why I dont go out that much.
Cause its.. kinda dumb. We ended up at the rum Jungle. I left after half an hour. I actually have nothing else to say about it. Just bleh.
But sunday! Sunday was golf day! I went golfing with my bro and man was it fun! I havent golfed much so I'm no Wiger Toods or what's his name. But I did alright! We played 27 holes and I par'd 5 of them (It's a par3 course up at Alder Hills there) So when the opportunity came on wednesday I jumped on it. well whacked it.. well.. whatever you do when you take the chance to golf whenever it comes up. And I actually better'd my game! Yea. so I found my hobby.. Thank you all for your input and suggestions but Golfing won.. it really did. O and I've decided to collect swords and daggars as they are kool.


So this past week I've had a change of pace at work. Monday Tuesday I was at HSBC (corporate office) working desktop support. It was nice to get out and remove some bigwigs PERSONAL PRINTERS! what a way to start hey? Imagine..

Your kind of nervous, first day on the new assignment dressed up and ready to reboot some computers.
*ahem.. *ahem. Ok so I've sent you a ticket.. As you can see there is a list of printers here that people have. Since we have recieved and installed the new xerox machines we must remove the personal laserjet's and direct everyone to communal printers. Oh and people might snap on you. **
So I purposly and confidently stride into my first 'printer removal' scenario in an open area, just down the hall from our command centre.. where 6 HR ladies work.
'Hi there, I see you have the new xerox printer here, can you all print ok to it?'
"well yes. But we dont like to. We print to the laser printer, its faster and we will die without it.'
Well.. Um.. unfortunately I do have to remove the laser printer, we have a contract with Xerox so we are unable to continue supporting the hp printers.'
So as quickly as possible I remove the hp and hobble down the hall past death glares and sneering lips, Im actually scared. Every time I walk past that side of the building my heart speeds up and then races as they point and jeer. 'Thats the new guy who stole our printer,. jerk!!'.. ok so they really weren't that mean, and my boss did help coordinate some of the printer removals but like i said before.. change of pace.

Then it was off to PGRH, moving computers, patching network closets and fixing printers. I definatley enjoyed it there and get to go back next wed-friday. The cafeteria was kind of like goin back to high school though.. where do you sit? there's the IT group, strangly not super geeky and mostly outgoing fun people, the nurses - getting old and tired of al ' this crap' and some minority groups and lone straglers.. the odd patient or visiting comrad. Thankfully IT is a welcoming group and I didnt have to go sit in the rain or anything. Maybe once they get to know me I'll have to spend a little more time on my own......

After golf on Wednesday there was hockey!

Oh How I love thee, my beautiful game
Your ice is cold, and your players have fame
I cannot believe it, how much i missed you
I did not forget you, to the cup I stayed true.
The strike, the anger., many nights I was sad
But now that you're back, I am SO glad.
The shot and the save, the hit and the crunch
I am excited and love you a bunch!!.

Then there was OC.

without oc.
THe usual- OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS>. seriously a freaking spider just landed right in front of me. that was GAH. RWAAAAG- fun times started around 7 or so, a half oc night per- say under 8 people, which lately has been the norm, showed up and started cooking. At around quarter to 8 I fire up the ol TV box and browse my way to the.. thee.. where is the OC K1m? 'Its um not on tonite'
OC night without oc?
brutal.. So we watch some show about some kid who loses his 'superpowers' and has to be a 'real live boy' or something.. I think it was pinhoccio or pinohciiiioooo or smallville or something.. i dunno..

And so my life goes on.. and of course since the show was shut down around 11ish ( am i getting old its nice when people leave early now) I had to finish my job I started last week...

dah dah daaaaahhhh..........


thedeviluno said...

Long ass post....I mostly read it too.

Zanitram said...

You know I'm workin on the phones when....

K-Prime said...

oh, you did not just smacktalk Superman. I mean, if you did, I'd have to show up at your house in the middle of the night and kill all your fish as a don't mess with the 'S'...

Zanitram said...

Oh thx. It was superman.. that show i was talking about.. right. not pinochio.. my mistake.

rayban68 said...

Golf is frikin sweet. I think i dropped about $300 on green fees in the last six weeks tho. ouch.

I will use small words:
OC: tedius. dull. uninspiring. lacklustre.

Smallville: Splendid. Tremendous. Humbling. Remarkable.

Zanitram said...

I will use reaally small words.

Ray. smokes. crack.

bziph said...

oh the sibling rivalry... not to choose sides at all, but Smallville DOES rule, does it not...