Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soo Nice

Its soo nice, wanna hear the same soong twice...

Song in my head.

Whats so nice? my new job is so nice.. I used to go to bed and think.. fudgebucket! I have to go to work tomorro.. prolly sit at budget and do a whole lotta nothin.. but now!! Im like.. gettin ready for bed and thinkin.. soo i have to show up tomoro.. answer some phones.. play some mini-basketball.. shoot some dart-guns.. maybe look for my house on google earth.. so nice.


So i started a hobby! I am now goin to the Jim, gonna get a little more confortable and whatnot.. My buddy hooked me up with a 2 week pass to Golds and I think I'm likin it there. Gonna take a while before i actually know what I'm doing though!

Small Child

The small child is getting not so small.. Most of the time she's really good! Been having Ginormous battles at the 'supper table' battlegrounds (all you parents out there know what I'm talking about). Seems she doesnt like to eat unless its right when we get in the car or once I say the first sylable of 'Bedtime!'


So T started skool yesterday.. 3rd year at the big kids school (UV) Amidst the excitment and hustle-bustle of the yearly 'back to school' craziness remains the sobering fact that its still a whole buncha work. pfff.. Was discussing the way the world works with a buddy the other day.. Crazy how a janitor at the hospital can make the same or more money than a nurse who went to school for 4 years! ah well.. what can you do...


pretty nifty eh? How can it not excite you??

New Plan

I have a new get rich..well maybe not quick but whatever.. plan.

Ima invest money into random stocks and hope they go up!! Then one will pay off and I will get rich.. I know you are all rooting for me and your support is appreciated..

P. out.


Sonya said...

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Mike said...

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K-Prime said...

You bastard! Every time I read that first line, I get that song stuck in my head!!! But which version to listen to? Sublime, Jack, Reel Big many decisions!

Zanitram said...

I listen to the um.. new one?