Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Please Hold

So last week. Get this call right.. its the hospital
"hey! whats up? want a job?"

so yea.. Got maself hooked up (well a buddy on the inside hooked me up) basically answer phones for a stupid amount of money.. Kind of excited.. kinda of hmm'd u know.. starting a new job is always like hmm. THEY"LL ALL LAUGH AT ME NOOOOO!!
this helped..

The child

So the child is still around. hasent went to work for the circus or anything.. yet.. She's still enjoying swimming tuesdays with T and Gwamma time on thursdays... I think we've finally convinced her there are no monsters in her room but there are witches and witches are BAD witches but some witches are nice witches I dont like witches witches are not mosters but they are bad but some are nice. " I want to watch Joonahh."



I finally broke down and gave in to the satellite gods.. well.. hockey.. oc. SEX AND THE CITY!!! how can you resist? I even got the movie channels so there is ALWAYS something to watch..

Hobbie.. hobby.. hobbiey? how u spell that?
So I need a hobby I've realized (or been told.. i um forget) I was thinkin of taking some jazz or classical guitar lessons! uh uh!! what u think? hm. perhaps a martial art? or something that makes me do ACTIVITY. even lawn bowling would do the trick... <<-- any better ideas woiuld be greatly appreciated... (no model buliding, modeling or pet breeding ideas please)

I will soon have the interweb back at home (its this fancy idea me and my friend J thot up.. see you take a bunch computers.. then put information on them.. and hook them up! whammoo! your rich!!) So we'll see how that idea pans out.. in the meanwhile..

Eat healthy and stay fit!


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