Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Company resources.

Is it ok for people to use company resources for personal use. I think so. Well not really.. but i do it anyway. I've realized that every day I check my email. bank.. use MSN (constantly). In fact. Im writing this using company resources.. and I'm getting paid! yay..

So last night was fun!.. the usual OC night festivities kicked off around 6pm, My bestest most wonderfullest cook friend J made the pork tenderloin dinner for about 8 people, (you gotta try this. seriously) Then it was off to Tamara's aunt's house to meet the fockers. I mean parents. hehe. god im funny.. Ahhh..


They get their own section.
Just on the off chance they actually ever read this i better put only nice things in. :P Yes. it was an entertaining evening of old stories and recollection of days past. ( got some dirt on T) Much laughing and fun poking there was.. It was about 11:30 when we decided the chill and bugs where winning the battle and we packed it in. Roused the sleeping bundle of joy and said our goodbye's..

Ok so that wasn't ALL that happened....

About half way throught the evening I.. in my usual clumsy-adolescent way - I casually caused Tamara's wine glass to dump comletely onto her pants and all over the blanket she had on.. Of course the crowd pretended not to notice but I'm sure shortly after I left there were would have been hysterical 'fun-poking' at Tamara's new boyfriend. and how handicapped he is.. how he just soiled her pants so she would take them off.. I can only imagine.. The funny part.. it really doesnt bother me to think about! I'm fairly certain that the reason I'm so comfortable with her family is because its just right.


So when I get home.. say around 11:45ishish to a shadowfilled 'creepified' house. ( i hate it when there isnt any lights on in the house) The first thing that is staring at me is my screensaver..

"It was all Jay"

Hmmm. intriuging~!.. all Jay what? what did he do?

HE REARRANGED THE WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE!!!! Tables/chairs, guitars, PLANTS (T was less than impressed that someone would touch 'her precious' ) all were scrambled in random places throughout the house.. Haha. Funny joke.

K it was kinda funny.. hehe but if you talk to him don't tell him i said that.. otherwise we'll have pictires on the roof and cd's hangin from the cieling next week as his 'practical joke skillz' level up.

I guess i should continue my day.. click next.. wait.. click next.. wait.. **oww.. my back.. so sore..** hehe

asta la vista..
k i diunno what that means it just felt right..


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