Friday, September 23, 2005

Truth or Tradition.

I can feel the ancient chill of fall today, the fog still hasn't lifted and in the corner of my mind there's that eerie feeling that we're not alone here...
Kind of an odd thing to be thinking about first thing in the morning, but I was on time to work today.. so I dont think i was abducted by the 'others' .. Unless they can stop time or something.

Are there actually aliens, or do you chalk it all up to happenings on another plain? Spirits and creepy whatnots? There has to be something obviously.. so many unexplainable things happen in our lives. Losing time, UFO's (which i find kinda sketchy but i did dream of one the other night) People who have been 'abducted' etc.. What about people that are possesed or all whacky like on that show with the dude and he went around taking out demons.. went down to hell and stuff and got this chic back or whatever... help me out here K1M...

How do we know what to believe? Should we believe what we've been taught since childhood, 'knowing' it to be right because its all we've ever been taught? How does one decipher what is true and what is tradition? Especially when people from different backgrounds are equally sure that their way of life/beliefs is the ONLY way!

I've taken a step back to search out exactly that. What is truth and what is tradition. Or if there is really a difference. Of course we get caught up in life and these deep questions dont always seem so important at times.. But today it's seeming to matter.


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carmenrose said...

You read your bible, cuz it's God's word, and you pray every day, as you spend time with God that the things you should believe will be revealed.
love you
carmen(your favorite sister)