Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leafy Traditions

Its that time of year again.

Since the beginning of time (well the last 3 years anyway) A certain tradition has been followed by my friends and family. Cottonwood Park Pictures. At the first sign of leaves turning color, we pack up the wee ones and fill our cameras with film.

This year was definatly a blast! There were 7 or 8 kids there, as many parents and no accidents! I'll attach a few photos so you know what you missed. :)

< Our happy family!

Little Buggers

I do enjoy the annual walk through the park, seems this year went by so fast and I didn't have much time to visit people. In fact some of the people I hadn't really seen much at all since last picture day! I think I'll make an effort to touch base with people more, u know.. get out and do stuff instead of writing about it in a blog. :P

Ah cmon who am i kidding.. Once a year is enough to deal with that many kids!!

On a side note.. if yer not here then you're queer



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Zanitram said...

Spam me?
silly rabbit.. I'll show you!!

K-Prime said...

But there's a woman in this year's pic! How are you supposed to use that to pick up chicks online? :P

Zanitram said...