Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Have you all planned out your life?

What I mean is, have you set goals for 1, 5 or 10 years.. you know where you want to end up at various stages of your life? Cause i really don't seem to care.. I mean I care!.. but not to the point of actually trying to achieve a fabulous 'career' and own a big fancy yaht or whatever..

Is it setting your standards to low if you are happy with where you are at? Wierd hey? I guess I'd like to be financially stable, without debt.. go on wild extravagent vacations to quesnel (or australia) but somehow it seems unatainable, or kind of 'unrealisitic' to have that kind of an idealism for my life plan.

I've been thinking about environment alot lately, not THE environment, but MY environment. I think i would like a change! (WHAT?? ) yea.. I know I've had alot of change but I think I quite like it. So what does that mean>? move?

pff. naw.. I just got meself this sweet job so I think I'll stick with it. I do like to entertain the thought of moving by this time next year tho..

I guess thats my one year plan..


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K-Prime said...

I fully support the moving. Of course, this is from the girl who's planning on just packing up and skipping town one of these days...:P