Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wrong you are

AAAAANd we're back! Checking in the the, crazy hat.. oh wait! Its not crazy hat day! It's apparently just HAT DAY!

right you are P, right you are.. What an upset, look at the competitors who showed up decked out in crazy garb! They are not happy. not happy AT all.!

Looks like GB showed up in a baseball cap this year, Oh. My. GOodnes.. This is really quite the turn of events here today!

Right you are P. RIght you are..

Looks like thats all the time we have for today! Be sure to tune in next time!


K-Prime said...

just normal hat day? so it's a good thing you didn't wear the wee one's rain hat, although I'd still love to see you in it :P

Zanitram said...

Yea its not like i showed up with this huuge hat witha feather in it.. i dont feel dumb.. not at all.