Thursday, September 15, 2005

Heart Stopper

So yesterday was busy.

I wake up to the smell of fumes from the PulpMill as do most PG residents, blindly stumbling out to the computer to call Home Depot to see if they have any of that 'cheap' laminate flooring in yet.. No Sir. Call back next week.. the guy seems about as happy as me to be up this early..

I understand that my Job is not hard.. not by a longshot.. In fact I've had some hard jobs.. shovelling cow poo.. scrubbing the red lifefluid off of cement floors at ye 'ol meat market.. But for some reason it FELT like it was hard.. The phone wouldn;t stop ringing.. I mean sure.. that IS my job.. to answer the phones.. but seriously! REBOOT THE FREAKING COMPUTER BEFORE YOU CALL~!. Please..

Ok so my life really doesn't have that much stress.. apparent when this kind of thing seems important..
Speaking of stress.. last night. psfff! almost filled my drawers..

So after the gym and a delicious dinner prepared by m'lady I headed up to a friends to help him lay some laminate flooring.. Of course stopping at the beer store on the way as to make the job a little less painful! My little wee gaffer was with me as the foremetioned little lady was haveing a 'makeup party' at the house.

As i pull up to the soon-to-be laminated house I chirp brightly to the child ' Ok love lets go' and turn around.

She isnt there.

Now if you dont have kids you havent felt this before.. Its probably impossible to explain but I'll try.. Imagine you have this family heirloom.. worth over 6584832.12211 million dollars.. and you leave it at the beer store.

My heart dropped, pulse racing as I tear the back seat apart, mind screaming at the possibilites of what could have happened.. did she somehow get out of the car? is she chillin with her hommies at the pub? or has something terrible happened? probably at least 6 things were in my head at once.
It hurt.

But only for a moment.. After a few moments of life-changing terror and stress it dawned on me where I had been less than 5 minutes later. I had dropped the child off at her cousins house to play while I was toiling away into the night.


Heart Stopper.



K-Prime said...

Have you heard of Ginko Biloba? You should look into it.

Zanitram said...


My memory is good.. just short!