Monday, February 19, 2007


So I've been absent of late. Only online though!

In 'RL' I've been busy busy busy.

I like dolphins ok!!

While attending a conference in Victoria this past week I had a little bit of down time and as I wandered the twisting streets I stumbled upon a quaint little tattoo shop aptly named Paradise ( Pair -0- Dice)

In approximately an hour and a quarter I was inked in a most manly and fashionable way.

What a punk hey?

I also recieved an expensive haircut from suki's in vancouver and I now sport a dashing fro to go along with the tunnel in my earlobe. Yes Th3k1m sure knows how to show you a good time!

It is good to be back with my fabulous wife and small child. I do enjoy travelling but next time they are coming with me!!
I would write more but Its early, and I'm lame. So, until next time, when I get home to terrace. ( in the peeg for another day or 2)

Peece Owt

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carmenrose said...

sweet, i love the blue! DESECRATER!! kidding, you should also post a pic of that very expensive haircut.