Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My room has no windows

The Skeena valley chill whips through my bones as I step out of the door and into the cold harsh reality we call life. The frost is thick, clinging to every stone, branch and windshield causing me to wish we'd chosen a warmer city. The breathtaking view slowly warms me, my frosty eyelashes taking in the fresh snowy mountains and glistening tree's between them and I. At least there isn't any snow yet I think to myself as I start the car and back out cautiously onto the road. A gear slips as my car starts up the daily short steep climb and wonder why I don't drive the other way to work. The dull yellow light of the Tim Hortons sign answers that thought quickly as I pick up speed to ensure I don't get too far back in the drive-through lineup.
What are so many people doing up this early anyway? I pull into the parking lot and decide to skip the busy drive through today and settle for the ancient Hospital coffee machine mud.
I usually enjoy the drive to work, I get to catch a bit of news and perhaps get a catchy tune stuck in my head for the remainder of the day.. but today as I arrive I notice there are no parking spots open and the new Colin James song is forgotten. The lot is usually half empty and a full parking lot always means some sort of disaster has struck........


I've noticed a difference as of late. Responses monotonous, lack of significant activity in others lives, as well as my own. The winter 'blahs' have arrived. The time of year that sucks the very life out of us and drys up our minds, our bodies and our motivation. So I've decided to start a mini blog novel to give us all something to look forward too.. something closer than summer.
What you just read was a preview of great things to come.. or at least.. things to come.

Beyond writing I have been busy with other things;

Winter is starting to look a little better...


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dark all day

Today it was dark all day.. Didn't get much lighter at any point than PG look like at 4:30pm.. sort of dusky looking.. overcast with scattered showers.

Our office equipment is currently being installed into our new office! yay! No more working off the edge of a small round meeting table meant for coffee and small descisions, No more clutter causing papers and piles of assorted pens plastering the small space I've pee'd around. At last I shall have some organization and plenty of desk space to setup my little plastic toys that capture my attention when paperwork is slow.

Just got back from my trip to PG. Spent most of the time either at work or painting the old house. ( still hasen't sold yet!) It's good to be back and I don't think I'll be leaving again anytime soon as it was quite painfull not seeing my girls for a week!

I heard it was snowing in PG today..meheh.. mwahah. HAHAHAHAHAH.. (this is funny hey kim?) Yea.. as the famous phrase goes.. 'sucks to be you'

I feel my writing is rather boring today, lethargic and labourous it comes, slowly at first and then picks up speed, but the content is lacking.. lacking indeed. That is all for now then.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Snice weather hey?

Spent last week in an interesting team meeting, learned some and got to know my co-workers a bit better. The week was too busy though, not much rest and too many visits.. I'll be in town for the end of next week (alone most likely) and plan on not spending to many nights out!
The freakin bear got into our garbage again and we came home to it strewn across the vacant lot next door... Exciting huh?
Today is a slow motion day.. whack yo. Everything I do is sort of delayed and fuzzy.. maybe it has something to do with bailing on the merry go round yesterday! I was Just given'er running around pushing M on the thing and I decided to jump on for a ride.. The force of my slightly overweight belly gave the aparatus a mini turbo boost, which sent me sprawling head over heels into the next bar with 'great force'.. My arm is sluggish today, bruised at the elbow and whining for attention.. But.. T gave me Th3K1m Speech.. ' suck it up princess' And sucking it up I am. Honestly, its not bad compared to the slice along Tamara's forehead she got from standing up into the cupboard when putting groceries away! OOUch.!

Oh. I bought a HD starchoice reciever and they're hooking it up on friday.. just in time for the next canucks game! Wohoo!! I hope T decides to cook a turkey that day.. gosh thatd be nice.. :)
(hint... hint...)

On monday we headed out to my wonderful wife's aunty's house for turkey dinner. They had so much food it was funny! at least 6 pies, buns, carrots, peas, corn, brocolli, salad, turkey (with cranberry sauce), homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes ( with gravy) and the list goes on. Needless to say we stuffed ourselves fuller than the turkey was and waddled home. The only bad thing about not doing turkey dinner at your house??.... no leftovers.

The golf season is almost over, frost slowly choking the life out of the lushious green grass, cold wind washing over the greens, robbing them of any progress they have made over the summer. The driving ranges must still be open, the fake rubber grass does not feel the angry weather, it laughs at winter's feeble attempt to oppress the mighty golf ball cleaner upper machine thingy. But victory will be short-lived.. Air support has been called in, and when the tiny white warriors land, we will be all but finished. Finished until the sun rises again, healing the wounds and crushing the evil enemy, paving the way for golfers once again. Oh how I long for that day, that warm day in like,, april or may or whatever. It'sa gonna be sweet.