Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Ol car

Freakin truck broke.

A wire from the battery to the starter or something.. in english: $166 plus $75 labour.
The good news; I talked to PG ford and they will pay for half!

The part had to be ordered, so reluctantly (in a twisting of rubber arm sort of way) I put my secksy car on the road! It's sure feels nice, the power of the 4banger dropped onto the asphalt on extra low pro wide tires while the rumbly exhaust brags of phantom power.

In the end I guess it will be nice to have 2 vehicles on the road again so T can mosey off to Kitimat or Rupert for the day without me if it strikes her fancy to do so.

The question is.. Who drives what?


mari said...

Oh please - I get the truck.


Zanitram said...

Thats ok.. the car reminded me of golfing all last year. I think I'm ready to start again. :)


mari said...

Since it snowed about 3 feet today... I get the truck - cause you did not wait patiently for the spring to actually arrive before you put your 'summer vehicle' on the road!

Zanitram said...

pfff maybe 1/2 a foot.. And my 'summer' car has mad power and can totally push through 3 feet of snow if it ever had to. so there.

Zanitram said...

Your car can't even... drive! so there.