Friday, May 11, 2007


So I've sold my car. I guess I put alot of time and energy into it over the years.. not to mention the money!
Why do I feel my freedom has been ripped from my bosom? Tangible evidence of coolness has been removed from my now insignificant life. I mourn the loss like a loved one that has been sold out from under me. Shadows fill my thoughts. Dark shadows in the form of a Harley Davidson spewing fire out the dual exhaust pipes reviving my soul and infusing me with coolness.

Alas it seems it is not to be.

The slow trickle of lameness creeps in wherever it can, now one way.. now another. This time it is coming at full force, in the shape of a travel trailer.. every young mans fear.
When the time in your life comes to choose a travel trailer over a dream machine, the crossroads of coolness/lameness are set before you. Many have fallen where the dusty trail splits , choosing the one that does not fit their life... Perhaps attempting to steal back their youth or maybe just acting out childhood dreams. Maybe they are beaten down to unconciousness by their partners.. shaming them into submission and forcing them to go the way of the Travel Trailer.

This is a plea for help.
Do not let me be uncool.

Vote Harley.

Sincerely yours,



Zanitram said...
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mari said...

While it's not the smartest, most responsible or sensible choice you could make, I vote Harley!! And my vote counts for at least two votes since I have to live with your pouting for the next 50 years.
(btw I hope your not refering to me as the partner who beat you down to submismission - I said buy the Harley right of the bat...there was no forcing or shaming..)

And another thing - your cool by association with me! And at least your not buying a mini van.

Zanitram said...

See!.. just talking about a motorbike brings some fire in my life!

yay motorbike!

Zanitram said...

Everyone knows my wife is kool and wants a husband on a super cool motorbike.. so yes.. I'll buy one!

elzee said...

But that is a super cool travel trailer.. it has air conditioning.
Not as much air as a bike, but air none-the-less. Pitch a leaking tent next to it and then see what's cooler.

You'll look pretty silly with a pregnant wife and a 4-yr-old all piled on the bike with you. So the travel trailer is definitely the cooler option. For you. Me... I'm on a bike in a tent.

Zanitram said...


Well I think the trailer we get will be smaller than that one even! But I think we are gonna get a little travel trailer and a little motorbike to start!

chaotix said...

You sold you CAR!??


b said...

you already have a super cool truck! with air conditioning! what could be cooler than that?! You will be able to put your super cool little bike in the back and pull your super cool little trailer behind. You're all set... oh and you can make it all look even better tying the boat on top... yes! have fun:)

K-Prime said...

I don't know if I could continue to associate with you if you chose the trailer.
(j/k, yo. But seriously. Vote Harley.)