Monday, January 01, 2007

CO2 filled hobby.

Found my hobby.
? cmon dude its been forever.. remember back in '05 when I was askin for help? Then again last year I requested assistance in scaring away the boredom monster! Well I've done it.


Shoot other people.

Superfun! So I hooked up with all the paintball necessities for around $400 or so and started shootin. T's uncle unwrapped a gun on christmas eve (they do the german thing) So head to head combat was ineveitable.

I Pwned him btw.

So apparently there is a paintball park in Terrace.. Once I get good enough I'll be sure to look it up, pwn some noobs with my shadowbane. This sport will keep me entertained, help to get me in shape and I shall aquire more skills needed by the Millenium Ninja's of our age.

Anyhoo.. Haven't blogged much lately, not sure what thats all about. I;m blaming it on too much family, too many new toys and plain laziness.

Can't wait for that projector to get here.. and the 16,000 paintballs I ordered.. oh the new table T bought too.. thats exciting. OH AND KIM IS GONNA COME VISIT!!!


Peece owt


GraceeJ said...

Hmmm...good man hobby. Please don't get Ray into this one or else I won't let him hang out with you anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets Dooo it!!

Zanitram said...

BAm Head shot!

Brass said...

I don't like welts - but I don't mind electricity - we need some starship troopers zap guns and electro vests.

That way when we shoot little sissy boys they piss themselves b/c they are uber pnw3d

Anonymous said...

Three more sleeps...