Thursday, November 24, 2005

Typical Thursday.

Today.. Client with lisp calls helpdesk

Client "Hi, get me on the thystem pleath"

PSA "Could we start with your first and last name"

Client "Blah, Blahhlah"

PSA "thank you, one moment"

Client " Ok, tho I need on the Thystem"

PSA "Yes maam, ok. Could you tell me what system you need to get on"

Client " I don't know. Your the computer guy, get me on the thystem"

PSA "OK, I just need to know what system you are referring to so I can help"

Client " I already told you I dont know! Get me on the damn thystem!!"

PSA "There are a number of systems, what is it you need to do on the system"

Client "Am I a computer god? Do I look like a charlie gates? All I need to do is GET ON THE DAMN THYSTEM!@!"

PSA " Oh, that thystem. I'll let the administrator know ASAP. Thanks for calling"

Some peoples kids.

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