Monday, November 07, 2005

Sick Monster

So the last three weekends have been stolen by the sick monster.
Come friday evening I start to feel tired and old.. Saturday morning isn't bad until about noon when I have to lay down as my head is pounding, stomach churning and bones aching. This lasts until sunday evening gradually getting better until Monday morning where the only reminders are a sore throat and another wasted weekend.

Next weekend I think I'll do a system cleaning before I start getting sick.. just wash everything out with alcohol to ensure there are no nasty bugs laying in wait for the right moment to attack!


graceej said...

i was thinking of setting up one of those trees this year...what you think?
sorry to hear your sick...hope you are feeling better

your fav sister in law

Zanitram said...

I say do it with Capt Morgan bottles.. That way me n Ray can help provide you with all the empties to make the tree!

thedeviluno said...

Try using Cold FX which is a ginseng extract or something. I have a fucking nasty cold atm and the Cold FX doesnt seem to be doing anything but lots of people swear by it. Im going to try and invite you over for dinner some other time.