Friday, November 04, 2005


Well its about freakin time eh?

For an update! The last week has been insane.. so much has happened I dont even know where to start.. I guess with the trip to lets talk about australia first..
SO we go down under right, and there's this crazy guy who wants to sell us pickles. And so I'm like, dude, I don't want your sundried pickles! But he won't like, go away right.. so finally I'm like. K. I'll take one. So I take one and give him 5 shekels or whatever and he snaps! He's all like freaking out yelling at me, acting like Im a bad guy or whatever. Just goes to show why they dont have many tourists anymore.


K seriously.. Not too many crazy things have happened. The odd mishap here and there but for the most part things have been running along smoothly.


The family had quite the time with minor interuptions but good times in the end. We ended up hitting the fireworks in College heights and stopping by to see the wee one's cousin. She ended up with a quarter pillowcase of candy, enough to keep her sweet for another year.


Preeety much says it all.


This is a new section I've decided to add..

Nov.4th 2005.

If you are a human you will die. eventually. That is your horoscope.

(this has been works of wizdom from P)

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rayban68 said...

halloween is scary.

so is cats