Monday, November 21, 2005

Freaking Hang.

So this was the 5th weekend I was sick.. what the freaking hang eh? Sat night I had some random stomach flu.. Sunday a 'minor' migrane.. or 'major' headache.. whatever you prefer.. I prefer neither...

There was some fun to be had though!

M visited an aunt and seemed to have fun! We went wedding reception shopping and are |----| <- that much closer to getting something accomplished! JUST kidding. T is quite organized as the other T does this for a job.. got the whole thing catagorized,organized and prioretized in a spandacular spreadsheet setup on saturday or something...Sorry for being so silly, sometimes s's simply slip out sporadically.

On a side note. well If I knew how to make it on the side I wouldn't have to say that would I? Fine. On a normal note.. centred but labled side note.. darnit.. forgot what the note was. Oh yes. I feel the ship starting to shift, interviews.. emails.. talk in the office.. something big is about to happen.. Wait for it.. I will update you as soon as possible as I know there are many of you waiting with abated breath, crossing fingers and eyes, yearning for another glimpse into my life, searching for any glimmering mention of my future, praying for a chance to be a part of it. Fear not! for I will not follow in the footsteps of those before me! I will not be like Bilbo Bagginson and just 'dissapear' leaving the responsibilities to the next generation. I will stand firm! And maybe sit sometimes if I get tired.. but I will not leave you helpless, stranded and alone. Unless I get a REALLY high paying job.. or even just slightly higher.. or even something with benefits.. perhaps a free lunch once a month? It wouldnt take much really.. anything.. please? Well.. anyway.. wait for it.

It's Comin.

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rayban68 said...

I have the solution!! just work this weekend, and then you won't have a weekend, and you won't be sick.

ima jeaneous