Monday, November 14, 2005


Is it too early to start decorating? - The question I asked myself when my house started turning white, red and green this weekend. The question was answered early this morning when a coworker revealed what his weekend consisted of.. setting up christmas trees and decorating the house! So... for people that really have nothing better to do, decorating at the beginning of November for Christmas is OK.

Here are a few things on my Gimme-Gimme List this year. Feel free to get ideas when buying my gift.

A sailboat.
A 4-wheeler
Set of Golf Clubs
Seasons tickets to Canucks w/acc and travel expenses
New Truck
New nerf guns.

A free holiday would work as well.. somewhere tropical or something.. use your imagination!
Just Kidding.. But seriously.

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rayban68 said...

Yes, the wife is pretty keen on first week of November for the whole decorating thing.. Won't be till tomoro for us tho.